Lots of guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in July #001

We are still in the rainy season in Japan. But it doesn’t feel like it at all. This year, Tokyo and Kanto region get so little rain.. This is good news for tourists. Our guests enjoyed fine weather and our fish market tour in July. During the summer season, you can see the square-shaped or heart-shaped watermelon in the fruit and vegetable market. Don’t miss it!

7/1 Tuna is our favorite fish!

Japanese omelet, Tamagoyaki

7/2 Kanpai for the lovely family!

What is your favorite sushi?

7/2 Namiyoke Shinto shrine

The thunder gate @Asakusa

7/2 Rice cake with strawberry

Enjoy sushi lunch

7/2 Sushi making!

Tsukiji's special fresh oysters

7/4 Drink sake with a special cup

Enjoyed Tokyo view

7/4 Fascinating inner market

Cheers for our friendly guests

7/4 Tasting dried bonito flakes

Ride a turret truck like a local

7/4 Our favorite sushi

Maze-like market

7/5 Whole view of the market

Market food is yummy and fun!

7/6 Love green tea

Now we can make sushi at home

7/7 Grilled scallops

Worship at shinto shrine

7/8 Tasty and super fresh oysters

Do you like sweet omelet?

7/8 Stroll through the market

The landmark of Asakusa

7/8 Charcoal grilled sea eels

Enjoy fresh and tasty sushi

7/9 Our meeting place, Honganji

Looks delicious! Handmade sushi

Thank you very much for vitising Tokyo and joining our tour! I hope that you enjoyed your stay in Tokyo. We wish all of you a wonderful summer break!!

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