Lots of guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in July #002

We had a lot of guests in July.  It was getting hotter, but still we had refreshing weather.
There were many guests who enjoyed Sushi making tour. “Making Sushi” sounds like difficult, But Sushi lesson for beginners by sushi master is always fun.  It’s very tasty, if you make yourself!

7/11 Fish market

Sake tasting KANPAI!

7/12 Namiyoke shrine

Tsukiji's special fresh oysters

7/12 Tasting Sake!

In front of Suhi shop umbrella

7/12 very fresh oyster!

7/12 fried fish cake

7/14 Good View!

Is it good ? Fried fish cake

7/15 Sake tasting! Kanpai!

Say Hello !!

7/15 fresh oyster

Fresh seafoods !

7/15 Sushi making

Honganji Temple

7/15 Japanese omelet

Viewing spot

7/15 Japanese omelet

7/15 Viewing spot

7/15 at Sushi making school

You made it !!

7/15 worshipping Egg

At the shrine

7/16 Did you like Japanese omelet?

Tasting Sake (sorry! not for kids)

7/16 Tasting Sake

Eating Sushi

7/19 Fresh oyster!

Good Sushi

7/19 Nice view !

We did it !!

7/20 Super fresh oyster!

Sake Tasting KANPAI !!

7/20 with Sushi King

Namiyoke Shrine

Thank you very much for joining our tour!

We wish you all the best and hope to see you again in Tokyo!

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