Lots of guests joined Tsukiji fish market tour in June #003

The Tsukiji market is a fun place for foodies. There are more than 1000 shops in the inner market and more than 400 shops in the outer market. This place is called “Tokyo’s kitchen” which feed 13 million people in Tokyo. The seafood sold in Tsukiji comes in by truck, arriving through the night from fishing ports all over the country. They are super fresh! Our guests in June enjoyed many varieties of foods in the Market. Thank you very much for all the smiles and joys you brought. We are so happy to meet all of you!

6/21 Enjoyed sushi making!

Excellent works!

6/23 Japanese Sake

Sweet savory rolled omelette

6/24 With sushi master

Tsukiji Wonderland

6/27 Friendly tuna shop owner

Tsukiji's freshest oyster

6/28 What big crabs!

We love it!

6/28 Guardian of the market

Kanpai with friendly guide

6/28 Making sushi class

Famous turret truck

6/30 A big tuna

We know how to purify at shrine

Thank you very much for joining our tour!  Please remember the Tsukiji Market. We wish you all the best and hope to see you again in Tokyo!

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