Many guests joined Asakusa food tour in January

Thank you for choosing our food and drink tour.
We ate many types of Japanese food and drink!

[Asakusa tips]
Do you know what’s the difference of Sake?
There are two points to learn that.
-How much they polish the rice.
-Whether add alcohol or not.

<Polish ratio>
-70%(30% polish) is Jyozosyu.
-60%(40% polish) is Ginjyo
-50% or less is Daiginjyo

If you don’t add alcohol, it is called Junmai.
For example, Junmai Ginjyo, Junmai Daiginjyo etc.

1/5 Guests from Brazil

Craft beer & Monja

1/19 Guests from New Zealand

Izakaya & Monja

Thank you very much for coming!
Let’s drink among locals!!

If you are interested in, please join us!!

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