Many guests joined Asakusa food tour in July, August

On July and August, we had many wonderful guests!!
We are really glad that we could meet and talk with you!!

[Asakusa tips]
Sensou-ji temple is symbol of Asakusa area.
Just a short stroll from the station, you’ll find Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), the outer of two large gates into the Sensou-ji temple grounds.
This distinctive gate is famous for its huge lantern and statues.
Although Sensou-ji is a Buddhist temple, Kaminarimon features statues of the Shinto gods, Fujin and Raijin, as well as the Buddhist deities, Tenryu and Kinryu.

7/9 Drink Beer in IZAKAYA

Asakusa walking

8/1 Tokyo SkyTree


8/5 Drinking Craft Beer

Asakusa City View

8/17 Beer & MONJA YAKI

With Sake Shop Owner

8/23 Comparing the tastes

Drinking in Local shop

Thank you very much for joining our tour!
We wish you all the best and hope to see you again in Tokyo!

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