Many guests joined Asakusa sweets / local food and drink tour in October #001

On October, we had many wonderful guests!!
We are really glad that we could meet and talk with you!!

[Asakusa tips]
Do you know Monja yaki and Okonomi yaki?
Both of them are kind of Japanese pancake, but different thing.
How different?
Monja is more watery than Okonomiyaki.
Okonomiyaki is typical food in Osaka and Hiroshima, but Monja is typical food in Tokyo.
-How to eat?
We use chopsticks to eat Okonomiyaki, but we use small pallet for Monja.

Both of them are really delicious! Please come and try!!

10/2 Guests from United States

Izakaya & Monja yaki

10/3 Guests from United States

Izakaya & Monja

10/6 Guests from UK

Craft beer & Monja

10/10 Guests from Singapore

Craft beer & Izakaya

10/12 Guests from UK

Izakaya & Monja

10/16 Guests from Australia

Sake & Monja

10/19 Guests from Australia

Sake & Okonomiyaki

Thank you for joining us!!
Do you enjoy local atmosphere?

We are waiting for your coming back to Japan.

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