Many guests joined Asakusa sweets / streeet food and drink tour in September #001

Last month, many guests joined our tour in Asakusa!!
In Asakusa, there are interesting foods both Day and Night.
[Asakusa tips]
Have you tried Sake? There are many kinds of Sake in Japan.

In our tour, you could understand difference between the best one and normal one with one of the first Sake tasting master in Japan! Let’s try!! 

9/5 Guests from United States

Izakaya & Monja yaki

9/14 Guest from United Kingdom

Kibi dango & Mitsumame

9/23 Guests from United States

Sake & Monjya yaki

9/26 Guests from United States

Kibi dango & Mitsumame

Thank you for your coming!!
We are really glad that we walk with you guys!!

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