Many guests joined Kyoto tour on May #001

After cherry blossom, Kyoto was a season of green in May!!
It was so beautiful and easy to walk around because of the temperature.

<Kyoto tips>
Have you heard of Zen? There are many Zen temples in Kyoto.
Zen temple has beautiful Zen garden which is for the guest and meditation.
One of the most famous Zen garden is in Tenryuji temple. Let’s see it and feel Zen in Arashiyama!!

5/9 Nishiki food market

Gion & Japanese omelet

5/10 Arashiyama & Sagano area

Togetsukyo bridge & Fried Yuba

5/17 Arashiyama

Togetsukyo bridge & Bamboo grove

5/26 Nishiki food market

Hamo(Daggertooth conger eel) & Matcha

We enjoyed walking with you!!
Do you enjoy our food? Hope to see you again!

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