Many guests joined Sunamachi delicatessen street food tour in December #002

Thank you for coming to Sunamachi local delicatessen street on December!! We had wonderful time while walking with you!

[Sunamachi tips]
When we go to Sunamachi, we take bus to the street.
It takes more than 15 minutes to get to the area from nearest station.
It’s hidden place for Japanese also.

12/17 Guest from Canada

Tempura & Minced-cutlet

12/22 Guests from Mexico

Tempura & Kimono

12/22 Guests from Holand, Britain, and US!

Japanese tea & Tempura

12/23 Guests from Australia and USA

Minced cutlet & Yakitori

12/24 Guests from Malaysia, Australia, and USA

Tempura & Yakitori

12/29 Guests from USA

Yakitori & Tofu

12/30 Guests from USA

Yakitori & Japanese Sweets

We experienced busy season for locals.
Thank you for coming!!

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