Many guests joined Sunamachi delicatessen street food tour in November #001

Last month, many wonderful guests joined our Sunamachi tour!!
Thank you for joining us!!

[Sunamachi delicatessen tips]
Have you heard of Inari sushi?
It’s a kind of sushi and doesn’t looks like sushi.
Vinegar rice wrapped with fried tofu is Inari sushi.
It’s common to eat in party like Hanami(cherry blossoms) or picnic.
Let’s try local type of sushi in Sunamachi area.

11/3 Guests from UK & Thailand

Tempura & local street

11/3 Guests from Australia

Inari sushi & Minced cutlet

11/5 Guests from USA & Australia

Tempura & Oden

11/6 Guests from Italy & USA

Yakitori & Japanese tea

11/7 Guests from USA & Spain

Tempura & Minced cutlet

Were you able to enjoy Japanese local culture?
We are looking forward to seeing you again!!

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