Many guests joined Sunamachi delicatessen street food tour in November #002

Many guests joined our local delicatessen tour!!
Thank you for your joining us.

[Sunamachi tips]
Do you know the secret of Yakitori?
In this special shop, there are two points.
This shop use energetic chicken who are grown up in vast area and eating good stuff in warm sunshine.
This shop use special sauce which is poured every day and last for more than 30 years!! Before you eat, they tip the sauce. It’s really tasty!!

11/17 Guests from Canada and USA

Tempura & Minced cutlet

Japanese tea

11/17 Guests from Spain

Oden & Japanese tea

11/19 Guests from USA

Yakitori & Minced cutlet

11/20 Guests from USA & New Zealand

Tempura & Oden

11/21 Guests from USA

Minced cutlet & Japanese tea

11/24 Guests from UK & Australia

Yakitori & Minced cutlet

11/27 Guests from USA & Indonesia

Tempura & Japanese tea

11/28 Guests from Philippines

Tempura & Oden

Did you enjoy Japanese local street?
It’s real Tokyo.
Hope your coming back!!

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