Many guests joined Sunamachi delicatessen street food tour in October #002

Many guests have joined our Sunamachi local delicatessen street food tour on October!!
Thank you for coming!

[Sunamachi tips]
Many Japanese housewife don’t like to make Tempura at home. There are three reasons.
-It’s difficult to make crispy!!
-After Tempura, to deal with oil is so troublesome.
-After Tempura, house would be greasy and smelly.
But we love Tempura. In Sunamachi, there’s special Tempura shop!!
You can buy and come back home.

10/17 Guests from USA, Spain and Switzerland

Inari sushi & Minced cutlet

10/19 Guests from United States

Minced cutlet & Japanese tea

10/22 Guests from USA & UK

Yakitori & Oden

10/23 Guests from United States

Tempura & Minced cutlet

Here is hidden place, BUT it’s real Japan!
Please come and feel local Tokyo!

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  1. The tour in Sunamachi was great. The food was delicious, the guide was nice and knew a lot and had answers to every question. A big plus is also that you see a part of Tokyo which you usually don’t see.

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