Many guests joined Sunamachi delicatessen street food tour in September #002

We had many guests to Sunamachi local delicatessen street course last month.

<Sunamachi tips>
Do you know the secret to make Japanese tea(Sen-cha)?
We could understand how to make Japanese tea.
One of the secret is don’t pour hot water direct to tea leaves.
It’s because if you do so, tea leaves would be surprised and bitter flavor comes out!!

9/21 Guest from United States

Yakitori & Minced cutlet

9/22 Guests from United States & Australia

Inari sushi & Yakitori

9/26 Guests from Australia

Tempura & Japanese tea

9/26 Guests from United States

Tempura & Yakitori

Heartwarming people and delicious food are waiting for you!!
Thank you for your coming!

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