Many guests joined Sunamachi local shopping street food tour in May #001

Many guests visited Sunamachi tour.

<Sunamachi Tips>
We are asked many times “Why you choose Sunamachi?”
We think there’re 5 reasons below.

  1. All of the shoppers are really kind and there are much communications!!
  2. Many tasty local shops are there.
  3. Few tourists and can feel Japanese “local”.(The nearest train station is about 15 minutes walking.)
  4. Easily can walk and eat. Because car can’t drive in the shopping street.
  5. There are 180 shops in 670m long.

In the tour, we try many local foods.
Just cooked one is really tasty!
hen Go to Yakitori!(Chicken BBQ)
ith Sake is the best combination.
Many “salaryman” goes to eat Yakitori after work.
After many foods, we have a teatime.
Japanese tea
You can experience how to make Japanese tea(Sen-cha).
Making tea1

Thank you for your coming!!
We’re waiting for your coming back.


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