Many guests joined Sunamachi shopping streeet food tour in July #001

Many guests joined our Sunamachi tour. Welcome to local Japan!!

<Sunamachi tips>
Have you heard of Kimono? In Sunamachi local shopping street, there’s a shop of selling Kimono. And in Summer, we use Yukata which is light style Kimono. This shop is for locals so they have good quality, good price!!

7/2 Guests from Brazil & United Kingdom

Inari sushi

Japanese tea master

7/3 Guests from United States

Tempura & Oden

7/7 Guests from Canada

Tempura & Yakitori

7/9 Guests from United States

Tempura & Japanese tea

7/11 Guests from Australia

Sake & Inari sushi

7/14 Guests from United States

Minced cutlet & Yakitori

Thank you for your joining us!
You could know Japanese local culture!!

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