Many guests joined Sunamachi shopping streeet food tour in June #001

We have many guests to Sunamachi shopping street food tour on June.

<Sunamachi tips>
Do you know Miso? Miso is made of fermented soy bean and malted rice. We have many types of miso based on the place around Japan. You could understand the difference of Miso in Sunamachi.

You could try local Japanese food in our tour.

You could try fresh Tempura.
It is really difficult to make crispy one.

Do you know this type of Sushi?

Next, you could try Yakitori and Sake.
This is one of the best combination!!

Minced tuna cutlet!!

Oden -Japanese hot pot-

Also we could learn Japanese culture through food!

Learn how to make Japanese tea. Do you know the differences between Matcha and Sencha?

There’s a small shinto shrine. This protects around Sunamachi shopping street.

Sake shop. We could understand Japanese alcohol.

Thank you for your coming to our tour.
We’re really glad that you’ve enjoyed Japanese local food.

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