Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in January #001

In January many guests joined our tour!
Thank you for choosing us.

[Tsukiji tips]
Have you heard of “Shun” in Japanese? “Shun” means seasonal. We eat fish and seafood at it’s best season. January’s “Shun” fish is for example angler fish, cod, yellow tail, puffer fish ,etc.

1/5 Guests from UK & Brazil

Japanese tea & Fish cake

Guests from UK

Inner market & Sake

1/6 Guests from USA

Fresh oyster & Sushi

1/6 Guests from Australia

Japanese omelet & Japanese tea

1/7 Guests from NZ

Fried fish cake & Sake

1/8 Guests from UK & USA

Inner market & Sake

Guests from USA & AUS

Sake & Japanese omelet

Thank you for joining us!!
Delicious foods are waiting for you.
Let’s walk together and learn Japan through our food tour.

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