Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in July #001

On July we’ve had many special guests to our Tokyo FooDrink Tour.

<Tsukiji tips>
We got tuna from all over the world.
Huge one is more than 400 kg. In daily auction, we see more than 1,000 tunas. From one tuna, we could have 70% meat. From 100 kg tuna, we get 70 kg of meat. It’s for 700 people!!

7/1 Guests from Australia

Sushi & Sake

7/2 Guests from Norway

Huge Tuna & Sake

7/6 Guests from Canada, Greek, and Germany

Japanese tea & omelet

7/7 Guests from United States & China

Melon auction & Japanese omelet

7/7 Guests from Mexico & United States

Japanese omelet & Sake

7/9 Guest from United States

Japanese omelet & Sake

7/10 Guests from Taiwan & United States

Inner market & Sake

Guests from United States

Fried fish cake & Roof top

Have you enjoyed eating and walking?
Thank you for your coming!!

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