Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in June #002

We had many guests to Tsukiji fish market.

<Tsukiji tips>
Have you heard of Japanese gardens?
Beside Tsukiji fish market, there’s a Hamarikyu gardens.
It’s really beautiful gardens and you can enjoy Macha in the teahouse.
Hamarikyu gardens

Macha and sweets


In the tour…

We try many Japanese foods like Japanese omelet.
Japanese omelet

Fried fish cake.
Fried fish cake

Fried fish cake

Japanese tea.

Japanese tea

Sake with special box.


And Sushi!


Not only taste many types of Japanese food,

but also we learn Japanese culture through food.

In the market, we learn about fishes, people. way of thinking.
Inner market

Inner market


About market, shrine and temple…etc.
Inner market

Inner market


It’s fun!! Thank you for your joining us!!!

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