Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in June #003

Hi! It’s really hot in Tokyo!! Also it’s so humid that we have to drink much water!!
We want to be in a freezer like Tuna.

<Tsukiji tips>

In the market, vegetables and fruits are also dealt.
We could see special melon. It costs more than 5,000 yen per each!!
Melon auction


Foods in the tour!!

You can taste many Japanese food.

Japanese omelet.
Japanese omelet

Sometimes young dried sardine. It’s one of secret of Japanese long life.
Dried sardine

And Japanese tea. Also good for your health.
Japanese tea

Japanese fresh oyster. It’s really big! You may be surprised to size and taste!!
Fresh oyster

And fried fish cake.
Fried fish cake

Fried fish cake

Then special Sake we offer.



Also Learn about…

Shintoism and festival.
Shinto shrine

Around fish market and history.
Inner market


How people get fresh seafood?
Inner market

Outer market and people’s life.
Outer market


How to make Japanese omelet.
Outer market

If you want, you’ll explore and enjoy Matcha at Hamarikyu gardens!!

Old style Tsukiji fish market is until November 2016.
It’s time to come!!


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