Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in May #003

Thank you for joining us in last Month.
We’ve enjoyed delicious food!!

<Tsukiji tips>
Tsukiji fish market dealing top quality foods.
This town is mainly for professional like chef!!
You can taste special food there.
Let’s walk and eat together!!

In our tour, we can see Melon auction.
Melon auction

It’s also top quality.
Melon auction
Of course you can see huge tuna!!
Inner market

And special Japanese omelet you can try.
Japanese omelet

It’s totally different from your country’s omelet.
Japanese omelet

If you want, you can try fresh sea urchin(extra fee).
Sea urchin
With our friendly guide!!
Inner market

Also they are passionate about FOOD!!
Inner market
nd they explain you about Japanese culture.
Sui shrine

During the tour, we can enjoy sake with special box.

At last we can enjoy Sushi!!
It’s really delicious!! Oishii!!
It’s fun!!
We are happy to walk with you!

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