Many guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour in October #003

Last month, many wonderful guests joined Tsukiji fish market food tour!!
You could taste not only many kinds of Japanese food, but also learn Japanese culture through food!! Let’s try.

[Tsukiji tips]
Do you know “lucky” fish in Japan?
The answer is sea bream.
When we celebrate, we eat sea bream!!
There are some reason.
-Red and white is lucky color for Japanese.(Look at national flag.)
-In Japanese words, sea bream is “tai”. And the word “Medetai” means lucky and happy!!
-Sea bream has long life!
We love sea bream. So you could see many types of sea bream in the fish market!

10/22 Guests from United States

Fried fish cake & Sake

10/23 Guests from Philippines

Japanese tea & Sushi

10/24 Guests from Lebanon & Spain

Japanese omelet & Sushi

10/24 Guests from United States

Japanese omelet & Sake

10/24 Guests from United Kingdom

Rooftop & Fried fish cake

10/26 Guests from United States

Fried fish cake & Sake

10/27 Guests from USA & UK

Rooftop & Sake

10/29 Guests from USA, Canada and Swiss

Inner market & Sake

Matcha in Garden

10/30 Guests from Scotland & Thailand

Sake & Sushi

10/30 Guests from USA and Australia

Japanese omelet & Fried fish cake

10/30 Guests from United States

Rooftop & Sake

10/30 Guests from Korea

Melon auction & Sake

10/31 Guests from Canada and UK

Fried fish cake & Sushi

Did you enjoy the tour??
We are really glad we could walk with you!

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