Mike Yardley: Bites and sights in Kyoto
In stark contrast to Tokyo’s big-city bling and buzz, Kyoto is where to head if you want to draw deeply from Japan’s cultural well. It is timeless Japan wr

As Fukushima residents return, some see hope in nuclear tourism“(Reuters)

[Featured on Fukushima disaster area day tour](June 2018) Cocooned in the pleasures of Kyoto.”(for the love of Travel)

[Featured on Kyoto FooDrink Tour @ Nishiki & Gion](May 2017) Mike Yardley: Bites and sights in Kyoto“(Newstalk ZB)

[Featured on Kyoto FooDrink Tour @ Nishiki & Gion ](May 2017)”][vc_column_text]

Tsukiji market tour” (NAVITIME for Japan Travel)

[Featured on Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji fish market] (20th June 2016)

Sunamachi Ginza aims to retain vibrancy in age of giant shopping malls” (The Japan Times)

[Featured on Tokyo FooDrink Tour @ local delicatessen street “Sunamachi“](14th May 2016)

Tokyo FooDrink Tour @ Tsukiji Fish Market
Explore one of the biggest market "Tsukiji" in Japan. The very best food is gathered from all over the world, not only fish, but also vegetables, and fruits,...

“Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji fish market”Filmwalkr(April 2016) [Featured on Tokyo FooDrink Tour@Tsukiji fish market]

Ten of the best tours in the world for FOOD LOVERS

[Featured on Tsukiji fish market explore + Sushi making experience tour] (26th April 2016)

“The Civilized Pleasures of Japan” March 2016 Hideaway Report [Featured on Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji Fish Market] *Only subscribers can read

“Shortcuts to Deep Tokyo” Tokyo EYE 2020 (01:01-08:30)(Feb 3rd, 2016)
[Featured on Tokyo FooDrink Tour @local delicatessen street”Sunamachi”]”

Tempura, Oden, And Yakitori On Our Tokyo Food Tour” -Drive on the left (Sep. 2017) [Featured on “Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Local delicatessen street “Sunamachi”“]”]

Tokyo Street Food – Discovering Sunamachi, or Side Dish Street” by THE CROWDED PLANET

[Featured on “Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Local delicatessen street “Sunamachi”“]

Tsukiji Fish Market Tour in Tokyo” -by SAVORED JOURNEYS (Aug. 2016)

[Featured on “Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji fish market“]”]

“JAPANESE FISH MARKET ” -Bart & Geo (JAN 2016)

[Featured on “Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji fish market“]

Navigating the Tsukiji Fish Market with Tokyo FooDrink (2015)

[Featured on “Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji fish market“]

“Tsukiji and Sunset”
- (JULY 22,2015)

[Featured on “Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji fish market“]


[Featured on “Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Tsukiji fish market“]《東京築地市場》不再走馬看花,這次跟著專業導遊吃吃喝喝 @日本東京自由行

[Featured on Tokyo FooDrink Tour @東京築地市場]

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日本東京|Japan Wonder Travel- 一起逛砂町銀座(2017)  -OUI! (9th April 2017) [Featured on Tokyo FooDrink Tour @有活力的商店街]

Japanese Media (sorry in Japanese)

Asahi TV super J channel 「スーパーJチャンネル(テレビ朝日)」(Jan.8, 2016)

「Japan Wonder Travel 」と訪日外国人観光客 |日常と地域の魅力を伝えるツアーを、東京から全国に “Inbound Tourism with Japan Wonder Travel -feel local  all over Japan”
– 灯台もと暮らし(Dec.6, 2015)

「人気上昇、外国人の『商店街ツアー』」 “Local delicatessen street tour for foreign tourists on the rise”

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