[FULL] February 20th, Sanriku “Kataribe” Online Tour (Free of Charge)

sanriku kataribe online tour

10 years on: The Great East Japan Earthquake hit-area
Lessons from people living hand in hand with nature despite of threat of the Tsunami

March 11th in 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. This year marks the 10th year after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and we will host the online tour taking you to the Sanriku area which was severely devastated by the tsunami. Kataribe (disaster storyteller) will tell you about Bosai (disaster prevention) and the importance of coexistence with nature with a live broadcast. 

We have reached the maximum capacity of this event. Thank you!

About the tour

Introduction to Sanriku area

The Sanriku area is the northernmost coast of Honshu (main island of Japan) from Southern Aomori Prefecture to Northern Miyagi Prefecture, which stretches for about 600 km (370 miles) on the Pacific Ocean side. The Sanriku coast has geographical features called “Rias coast”. There is a dramatic zigzag, rocky coastline with countless bays, cliffs and coves, that often overwhelms the visitors.

The Sea off Sanriku is one of the world’s three great fishing grounds. The secret of the abundance of fish swimming in the sea there is that cold current and warm current together form the “current rip” and all currents carry nutrition to off Sanriku. In addition, rivers continue to flow from the forest and there is a brackish water environment. Therefore, oysters, scallops and sea pineapples are actively cultivated.

Coast Line of the Sanriku Area

However, while people living in the Sanriku area enjoy the blessings of the sea, they have been exposed to natural threats such as earthquakes and tsunamis since ancient times. When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011, many people in the Sanriku area lost their lives due to the tremendous damage caused by the tsunami. Many cities along the Sanriku Coast lost entire districts, while several towns and villages were almost completely devastated. Though the Sanriku area has been hit by the natural disasters many times in the past, people in this area continue to live in harmony with the rich nature of the sea, forests, rivers and the blessings of the sea.

The people living in the Sanriku area strongly feel the importance of protecting lives from natural disasters and the local communities. And they have been passing down the lessons learned from the past generation by generation.

Damage caused by the tsunami

Kataribe, the storytellers

Among them, there are people who passionately keep sharing the stories to spread the importance of how to prevent disaster and how to save their lives, based on the lessons learnt from their personal experiences. They want to tell their stories to people from all over the world. We call these storytellers Kataribe.

In this tour, you will meet two of the local Kataribe from Minami-Sanriku Town in a live broadcast.

Kataribe guiding a tsunami-hit building

Now that the world is working on achieving goals of SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, we expect to receive various hints for it from warm-hearted people in the Sanriku area. This is a great opportunity to join a Kataribe tour and hear the stories from a first-hand experience. We are looking forward to having you on the tour!

Highlights of the tour

  • You can enjoy the attractions of the Sanriku area with a live broadcast with 2 of local Kataribe from Minami-Sanriku Town. 
  • You will have an opportunity to learn about the ideal Bosai (disaster prevention) and how important and wonderful it is to coexist with nature.


  • 【Date & Time】Feb. 20th, 2021 09:30am JST
  • 【Duration】1 hour
  • 【Schedule】
    09.00am Open Zoom
    09.30am Start
    10.30am Close
  • 【Number of Participants】100
  • 【Participation Fee】Free of charge
  • 【Deadline for Sign-up】Feb.18th, 2021 6.00pm JST

How to join

  • Please fill out the google form below and you will receive an invitation (URL and ID for connecting Zoom) by email 2 days prior to the tour.
  • Please install the Zoom app beforehand.
  • On the day of the tour you can enter the “waiting room” on Zoom from 09.00am JST.


We will record the tour, take a screen capture during the tour and post it on social media channels operated by Japan Wonder Travel.

Host: Japan Wonder Travel
3.11 Densho Road Promotion Organization
Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo
And Special Support by Reconstruction Agency

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