Sumo Tournament Jan 2021 [Tickets now on Sale!!]

IMPORTANT : Regarding the prevention of COVID-19

It has been officially announced that the Sumo Tournament 2021 will be held with audience under the infection control measures.

・Sanitize frequently and keep the seat clean. ・Sanitize the button of vending machine.
・Check the body temperature at the entrance. ・Wear the mask all the time.
・ Less available seats for the social distancing.

The previous Sumo tournament was held with audience on Nov. 2020, but so far, no cluster of Covid-19 has been reported. If you have any concerns, please free to contact us.
Infection Control Measures*Only in Japanese – Japan Sumo Association


NOTICE: Please kindly be informed that due to the spread of Covid-19, there is a possibility that the tournament will be held with no spectators or canceled. In that case, you will fully get a refund. Also, the tournament will be held with ”Infection Control Measures” to prevent the infection.

Have you ever watched Japanese Sumo wrestling in the stadium?

This time, we offer a great opportunity to experience Sumo tournament at Sumo stadium, “Ryogoku Kokugikan”.

Like the last time in Nov 2020, the tournament will be held and open to the public with great care for COVID-19, with limited seats available. With this, you can use the box seat with only two people which is normally for four!

*Announcements from the Japan Sumo Association*
-The maximum number of people who can sit in a box seat is two.
-You have to move to a designated area to eat and drink(except for minimum intake of water)
-After the tournament, you have to follow the announcement to leave the stadium(spectators will be divided into several groups to leave the stadium, to keep social distance).
-We will prepare more disinfection solutions especially at the entrance of the restrooms.
-We ask you to write your name and phone number on the back of your ticket. We will collect them at the entrance of the stadium.
-Please bring warm clothes as we will ventilate the stadium frequently.


  • Enjoy the traditional Sumo wrestling tournament live, from the comfortable box seat with a great discount!


  • 13:00 Doors open
  • 18:00 The end of Sumo Tournament


  • 10th Jan. 2021 (Sun)
  • 11th Jan 2021 (Mon, national holiday)
  • 16th Jan. 2021 (Sat)
  • 17th Jan. 2021 (Sun)
  • 23rd Jan. 2021 (Sat) *Only few seats left.
  • 24th Jan. 2021 (Sun) *The last day of the tournament* *Only few seats left.

The tickets for all dates are being sold at the special price. Now on Sale!!


Original Price:¥24,000 per ticket ⇒ Special Price:¥23,000 per ticket
【Box C Seat for all scheduled date】※2Persons for 1Seat at maximum.

*To avoid the spread of infection, the capacity of the box seat has been limited to 2persons, and the child/infant will be also counted as 1person.*No matter how old he/she is. The ticket is needed.


  • The ticket of box seat for Sumo Tournament Jan. 2021. *Box C Seat
    Postage fee(Letterpack Plus)


  • Lunch, Souvenirs, tour guide, etc..


  1. Due to the spread of Covid-19, there is a possibility that the tournament will be held with no spectators or canceled. In that case, you will get a full refund.
  2. On the day of the tournament, you can not enter the tournament stadium if your body temperature is higher than 37.5℃. Also, please note that there will be no refund in this case.
  3. If the cluster of Covid-19 is identified, we will contact all the participants immediately.
  4. Unfortunately, a person with a wheelchair can not join this tour.


Please kindly note that the cancellation after the booking will not be accepted.

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