The Best 15 Boutique Hotels in Kyoto

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Small hotels but could get a fancy feeling, boutique hotels are popular to stay in the beautiful city, Kyoto, Japan. Here are 15 boutique hotels we would like to recommend.

1. Suiran

Suiran is located in Arashiyama area which are the best known for the bamboo forest, Togetsukyo bridge and Tenryu-ji temple which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
17 out of 39 rooms have Rotenburo, natural open-air hot springs. The building has a history of 100 years and you can feel the historical atmosphere at their restaurant and cafe. At the restaurant, they serve the mix of Japanese and French cuisines and you can also enjoy the lovely afternoon tea at the cafe during the tea time.

Booking: Suiran

2. Noku Kyoto

Noku Kyoto is popular because of their great hospitality. There is a gift shop where they sell the craft gifts made in Kyoto. You will be surrounded by their beautiful craftsmanship and art.
It is located in the central part of Kyoto and it is easy access to a lot of sightseeing spots. It is close to Kyoto Gosyo (Imperial Palace).
They host some activities like Origami experience or Bento making experience. If you are interested in, please ask at the front desk.

Booking: Noku Kyoto

3. The Junei Hotel

The Junei Hotel is close to Kyoto Gosyo and Nijo castle and located in the quiet neighborhood. Well designed Japanese modern decor and relaxing sound and smell you will encounter when you enter the hotel will touch your five senses. Take the hydrogen bath and have a relax time in this hidden comfortable place.

Booking:The Junei Hotel

4. The Celestine

The Celestine might not be a boutique hotel technically since they have over 100 rooms but this is very popular hotel too. You can walk to the famous Kiyomizu temple and walk around the street which is reminiscent of an ancient street of Kyoto. Wake up early and enjoy Kyoto breakfast buffet the tempura Yasaka Endo prepared for.

Booking: The Celestine

5. Villa Sanjo Muromachi

There are only 12 rooms in total in this small hotel, Villa Sanjo Muromachi. If you prefer the private villa, we recommend this place. Its beautiful, simple and quiet atmosphere will help you get some rest after a long day of traveling. Spacious bathroom will satisfy your needs. There are many small shops, restaurants and cafes around this area and the bakery next to it is good. All staffs are polite and welcoming too!

Booking: Villa Sanjo Muromachi

6. The Screen

The screen has 13 rooms and they are designed by 13 different artists including fashion designer, Japanese painting painter and various different types of creators. Each room has a different design and if you want to stay in an unique room filled with art, this is the place for you! They have a French restaurant and you can have cafe foods and sweets at the lounge.

Booking: The Screen

7. Hotel Anteroom

Hotel Anteroom was renovated from a student dormitory in 2011. The theme is art, culture and Japan. You will have a breakfast at Anteroom Meals and have Kanpai (Cheers) at the bar which has over 150 different types of whiskey and Kyoto craft beers at night. Very famous artist or designers designed some concept rooms which almost look like art galleries.

Booking: Hotel Anteroom

8. Hotel Kanra

Hotel Kanra is a hotel but you will get the feelings of Ryokan(Japanese traditional hotel). The atmosphere is modern, yet you can enjoy the nostalgic and calm traditional home style. Great location and lovely staffs, also there are some local tours available that a stuff can take you around. Each room has a Hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath tab to relax and at their lounge, you can taste delicious drip coffee and sweets and it becomes a bar where you can have whiskey and craft beer at night.

Booking: Hotel Kanra

9. Granbell Hotel

Granbell Hotel is located in the historical entertainment district, Gion. What makes it unique here is that you can see Maiko show every Tuesday and Friday at the hotel! There is a big bath on the underground with a view of the small courtyard. You will enjoy the mix of Western and Japanese style and the modern and traditional atmosphere. Have a breakfast buffet before you go exploring.

Booking: Granbell Hotel

10. Mume

Mume is hard to book, very popular hotel which stands out with its bright red door. Looks like an Asian resort and there are 4 different themes for rooms like flower, butterfly, wind and moon. The owner of the hotel picked up those furniture from many countries abroad which added the exotic taste to the hotel.

Booking: Mume

11. Enso Ango

Enso Ango , there are 5 different buildings which are close to each other and you can check in any hotels and you can access to any of them.
We will introduce a couple of them here.

Enso Ango Fuya Ⅱ

It is a good mix of modernity and tradition. There is a tea room and tatami salon which uses Japanese traditional floor mats to have a Zen time. It is opened for the guests to relax. You will have a breakfast buffet to charge your energy for fun.They have 24 hours gym too!


Enso Ango Tomi Ⅱ

Designed by Swiss designers group Atelier Oi and they collaborated with Kyoto’s craftsmanship to make a shade themed hotel. It is located in a little further away from the main sightseeing spots in a quiet area in Kyoto. You can enjoy interacting each other with other guests at the lounge.


12. RC Hotel

RC Hotel was renovated from 50 years old apartment. They have a bar and gallery and there are 3 different concepts for rooms which are Vegetation, Folk handicraft and Art. Simple and stylish design will make your stay more comfortable. Walking distance to the popular sightseeing spots like Kiyomizu temple and Goju-no-tou (Five storied Pagoda). The view from the rooftop will be something you will remember from the trip.

Booking: RC Hotel

13. 22 Pieces

At 22 Pieces, you can select a room from 4 different kinds. Those 22 rooms are studio rooms with loft beds, living area or dining which are for 2-4 people. Casual but luxury atmosphere and you can use some high quality kitchen goods and equipment. It is 5 minutes away from Kyoto station but it will feel like home at the hotel.

Booking: 22 Pieces

14. Ace Hotel

This is the first Ace Hotel in Japan and also in Asia opening in the spring in 2020. Ace Hotel is a popular hotel in the U.S. which firstly opened in Seattle and now there are in Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and 9 other places in the world. You will enjoy the mixture of tradition and art with full of creativity and stylish atmosphere.

Booking: Coming soon

15. Hotel Shikisai Kyoto

It is located near Karasumaoike which is the central part of Kyoto.
They have 8 unique rooms and the salon where you can enjoy some tea to relax. On the rooftop, you will find green garden with a dome.
You can choose your room from 4 different themed western style rooms or 4 Japanese style rooms. Which room would you like to stay? Bali themed or Hawaiian themed room? Or Japanese sophisticated room?
Find your favorite here.

Booking: Hotel Shikisai Kyoto

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