The best Green spots in Tokyo – if you want to feel relax

Tokyo is the biggest city in the world. About 35 million people live in Greater Tokyo.
It’s too busy.


If you are tired in Tokyo, let’s go to the place where you can feel relax!

Actually there are so many high building in Tokyo. But Tokyo have also many green place!


In center of Tokyo, Japanese garden is one of the best spot to feel relax with green.
You can feel both nature and city at the same time.


Hamarikyu garden is one of the most famous garden in Tokyo located next to Tsukiji market near Ginza area.
This was remodeled as a public garden on the site of a villa of Tokugawa family who are Shogun in the 17th century.
You can enjoy matcha at a tea house in the middle of the pond.

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Kiyosumi garden is also a traditional Japanese garden, located in Fukagawa, east of Tokyo.
It’s not so much big as Hamarikyu garden so it’s easy to explore inside.
The view is really beautiful.

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Other garden list

Ref: Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association


Shinjuku Gyoen

Yoyogi koen

Other park list

  • Daiba koen
  • Inogashira koen



There are so many shrines in Japan!
It’s over 80,000 shrines!

Some of them are really small.
But a matter of course big one is really big.


Meiji jingu shrine

Meiji jingu shrine is biggest shrine in Tokyo.
This is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife who died in 1912. So this is newer shrine.
In first 3 days of the year, about 3 million people visit and pray at Meiji jingu shrine.
It is located in deep green and really peaceful.

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Day trip to Suburb

In city of Tokyo, there are lots of green.
But if you want to be in more deep green, let’s go to suburb of Tokyo.

If you travel for 1 hour by train, it’s different place from Tokyo.

Mt. Takao

Mount Takao is one of the closest Mountain from central Tokyo which is rated 3 stars in The Green Guide Michelin.
Elevation is 599m (1965ft) ,which is not high, and there is ropeway.
So it’s popular hiking spot.
How about climbing Mount Takao instead of Mt. Fuji?

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Other day trip destination list

  • Kamakura (South to Tokyo)
    -Find many temples, sea and green!
  • Hakone (West to Tokyo)
    -Find hot spring and green!


Do you find any place to feel relax? If you need a guide tour, of course we could help you.

Let’s enjoy one step deeper!


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