6 things to do in best backstreet area “Yanesen” (Yanaka + Nezu + Sendagi)

Yanesen is survived from Great Kanto earthquake and World War. That’s why nostalgic and retro atmosphere we could feel. Yanesen area is huge and like maze, so we recommend these must do’s in Yanesen area.

1. Enjoy Yanaka Ginza shopping street

Yanaka Ginza street is Japanese local shopping street. 170 meter long and 70 shops are there.
You could find local food stand, clothes, supermarket, 100 yen shop, liquor shop, restaurants, tea shop, sweets shop etc.
Enjoy shopping, eating and drinking there!

street food

[Recommended shops]
-Minced cutlet : Niku no Sato, Niku no Suzuki
-Liquor shop(beer and Sake) : Echigoya honten
-Tea shop : Kanekichien

Yanaka Shitamachi backstreet tours

2.Explore unique temples


So many temples are there in Asakusa. It is said 98 at most, but it’s about 60 now.
But it’s still many temples. Let’s explore unique temples.

[Recommended temples]
Tennoji temple (Big buddha)
Kozenji temple (Titanium roof)
Kannonji temple (Tsuijibei wall from Edo era)
Enjuji temple (Monk Nichika is god of leg)

Recommended shrines and temples in Kanto area

3. Visit one of the oldest shrine in Tokyo, Nezu shrine

torii gate

At Nezu area, you could find beautiful authentic shrine.
In Nezu shrine, there is another shrine called Otome Inari shrine which one has many shrine gates like Fushimi Inari shrine. Perfect to take photo!

[Event season]
-Middle of April – Beginning of May : Azalea festival

About Nezu shrine : Nezu shrine

4. Feel the Art galleries

In Yanaka area, there are many art galleries.

You could see lots of unique galleries which has good atmospheres.
We recommend as follows.

[Recommended Gallery]
EDOKORO Allan West Gallery
SCAI The Bathhouse
Gallery Okubo(Yuka An)
Asakura Museum of sculpture

If you like art things, you would be interested in Naoshima art museum.

5. Feel Japanese normal life walking through back streets

There are lots of back streets around Yanesen area.
Here are some points about walking backstreet.

-Just walk based on your interest. (Getting lost is also fun.)
-Be quiet. (Normal houses are facing to backstreet.)

Tokyo backstreet 

6. Try Japanese sweets


There are many sweets shops of over 100 years history.
[Recommended shops]
Okano eisen sweets shop (Near cemetery ; Bean with mochi sweets)
Yanaka Fukumaru manju (Near Yanaka Ginza; Japanese cake)
Ogino dango shop (Near cemetery; Traditional rice cake)
Waguriya (Yanaka Ginza street, chestnut sweets)
Nezu Taiyaki (Nezu shrine ; Fish style pancake)
Imojin (Nezu ; sweets made from sweetpotato)

Matcha places in Tokyo

Our sample route

It takes about 2 hours to walk around.

If you are interested in our tour, please feel free to let us know from here!!
We will do our best to guide you!

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