Tokyo Private Tour in July


In July, we welcomed lots of guests in Tokyo.  Our guests enjoyed exploring  Tokyo’s top sites -such as Tsukij fish market, Imperial palace, Meiji shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya,  Asakusa and Akihabara,  as well as small streets with tons of hidden local gems with our guide. We hope that they had a wonderful time with us!  Thank you very much for your visit! We are very happy to meet you in Tokyo!

7/2 Star Festival

Fortune telling paper!

7/8 Thunder Gate

Do you know Hachi?

7/10 Ghibli Clock

Asakusa sky view!

7/15 Asakusa temple

Lovely USA couple!

7/16 Love Pokemon!

Imperial Garden

7/17 Meiji Shrine

What do you wish?

7/18 Kamakura

Bamboo Garden

7/23 Beautiful smiles!

Do you like Sushi?

7/25 AKB Electric Town

Oldest temple in Tokyo

7/28 Namiyoke Shrine

Beautiful Family!

7/29 Love❤Kimono

Symbol of Asakusa

7/29 Hot day @Palace

Yammy, ice cream!

7/30 Tokyo sky tree

Tsukiji Fish Market

7/30 Imperial Palace

Lovely Australian guests!!

Did you enjoy Tokyo?
Thank you for visiting Tokyo!!  We will wait for you to come back to Japan !

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