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“The whole town is your restaurant!!”

Eating at one of the restaurants on the michelin guide is nice. But don’t you want to try something else?
Just imagine if the entire town was a one big restaurant.

What we provide is an awesome time to visit the places in town, enjoy different types of food, and come in touch with the culture, history, and the local people.



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“Japan Food Discovery”
To enjoy the Food and Drink is real joy of the trip.
The local Food and drink is like a mirror and reflects who Japanese are.

In Japan, there are lots of delicious food and drink.
We are very proud of them.

But, meal is ordinary 3 times in a day.
In addition, the restaurants which tourist can know and go are limited.
It is difficult to enjoy variety Japanese food.

We would like you to not just only enjoy touristic meal
but also enjoy Japanese food and drink more and enjoy “Japan” more deeply through them.

It should make your travel more satisfactory!

Start with such a thought,
we organize the eating & walking event “Tokyo FooDrink Tour”.

Meeting food you never see.
Knowing process of making Japanese Cuisine.
Tasting food and drink which local people usually eat.

While you walk around the street,
You can know Japanese history and culture.
You can feel the local Japanese life.

We provide ”Non-touristic” experience which makes your travel more rich.

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