Tsukiji Fish Market Food Tour’s guest in Mar 2015 #006

We welcomed guests from United States and Australia!

Our tour starts tasting awesome Japanese omelet!!
Japanese omelet

Then, move to Tsukiji inner market. There are so many frozen tunas on that day.
Inner market

<Tsukiji tips>
They are got from tuna auction everyday. Then, being cut by electric saw.
Do you know why tails are cut?
Because buyers check the quality of tuna from tail condition.

After inner market, we go around in Tsukiji outer market.
You can taste many types of Japanese food with friendly guide.
Fried fish cake.
Fried fish cake

Japanese sake! Kanpai!!
Sake (2)

Tasty sushi!

You can know Japanese culture by walking around and feel like locals.

Thank you for joining us!!

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