Walk, Walk and Learn about Japan’s ancient times ! “Kofun”Japanese ancient burial mounds from 5th century to 7th century

You walk and walk through a park, Sakitama Kofun Park. This park has nine burial mounds built from the 5th century to the 7th century.


During the morning, at the museum, you can study about the period when many burial mounds‐“Kofun”were built in Japan. The museum consists of two areas; at one area, you can see mysterious unearthed clay figures, for example, “Doguu”, which look like an alien. ( Displayed objects are changed regularly)

You also enjoy seeing excavated articles, such as swords, mirrors and harness, including national treasures at the other area. And then, walking through the park , you enter the small museum built in the burial mound , the inside of the mound, which is of course replicated, but you see what burial in the ancient times is like.


After lunch, you actually go up the burial mounds. You can learn how big it is and see the whole shape with your own eyes. Final point is that you can go in the burial mound made of stones.

  • 9:05 Start at JR Gyoda station for the park
  • 9:30 Saitama prefectural museum, Sakitama Shiseki no hakubutsukan Shougunyama Kofun
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:30 Inariyama Kofun, Maruhakayama Kofun , Hakusan Kofun
  • 15:15 Hachimanyama Kofun
  • 16:57 Finish at the park for JR Gyoda station
If go with me…
  • Time : am 7:30 ~ pm 6:30 (11 hours)
  • Guiding fee : 20,000 Yen + 1,000 per person (* the number of participants )
  • The guide fee does not include your transportation expenses, admission fees and lunch.
    ( If you are late, you will pay for taxi fare.)
  • Destination : Gyoda- city , Saitama prefecture
  • Meeting and leaving place : JR Tokyo station


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