We had customized private tours in 2015

If you have a chance coming to Tokyo but cannot decide where to go, We have private tour service.  You can consult us about your plan. We accept your requests and interests and suggest the best tour for you. We hope our guests enjoyed their own private tour.  Thank you very much for joining.

5/23 Guests USA

Yanaka & Izakaya

6/24 Guests from USA

Asakusa & Food sample

6/26 Guests


7/2 Guests from USA

Asakusa &Monjayaki

7/3 Guests from USA

Iwasaki garden & Japanese fan

7/23 Guests from USA

Tsukiji & Meiji shrine

7/31 Guests from AUS

Imperial palace & Yakitori

8/10 Guests from USA

Japanese sake & Tempura

8/17 Guests from Spain

Tsukiji & Meiji shrine

8/28 Guests from NZ

Tsukiji & Tokyo skytree

8/29 Guests from USA

Melon auction & Subway

10/16 Guests from Italy

Akiharaba & Sunamachi

10/24 Guests from Lebanon

Yakata-boat & River view

11/9 Guests from UK

Scramble crossing & Omotesando

11/21 Guests from USA

Asakusa & Tempura

11/28 Guests from USA

Tokyo skytree & Harajuku

12/26 Guests from USA

Tsukiji & Harajuku

12/29 Guest from UK

Asakusa & Scramble crossing

Did you enjoy Tokyo?
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