We had customized private tours in May

We had a lot of guests of private tour in May! During private tour, you don’t need to pay attention to the time too much. We can arrange and reconsider your schedule as per your requests. Our guests enjoyed our private tour. Thank you very much for joining us.

5/5 Guests from AUS

Meiji shrine & Alice cafe

5/6 Guests from UK

Tsukiji & Meiji shrine

5/7 Guests

Tsukiji & Asakusa

5/10 Guests from Indonesia

Harajuku & Golden-gai

5/19 Guest from USA

Tsukiji inner market & outer market

5/20 Guests from USA

Meiji shrine & Akihabara

5/20 Guests from USA

Sushi making & Ameya street

5/21 Guest from CA

Tsukiji & Tokyo tower

5/24 Guests from Philippines

Tsukiji inner market & outer market

5/26 Guests

Tsukiji & Ameya street

5/29 Guest from Germany

Subway & Ginza

5/30 Guests from USA

Asakusa & Meiji shrine

5/30 Guests from USA

Tsukiji & Asakusa

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