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Discover the fascinating world of sumo wrestling with our exclusive and exciting tours! If you travel to Japan in the odd months of the year(Jan, Mar, May etc.), you will be lucky enough to go to a sumo tournament alongside one of our English-speaking guides on our sumo tournament tour. And if you are interested in watching burly, powerful wrestlers train up close, check out our daily morning practice tours which are held every month except during the tournaments.

Sumo Stable Morning Practice Tours in Tokyo


Sumo Morning Practice Tour in Sumida City

Oshiogawa Stable sumo tour

📍Meet up: Oshiage Station
⏰Time: 7:30~
🎫Price: ¥14,500~

Live Commentary Sumo Morning Practice Tour

arashio sumo stable

📍Meet up: Hamacho Station
⏰Time: 8:00~
🎫Price: ¥16,500~

Sumo Morning Practice Tour at Stable at Ryogoku

Sumo stable practice

📍Meet up: Ryogoku Station
⏰Time: 8:00~
🎫Price: ¥14,500~

Visit Yokozuna’s stable: Watch Sumo Morning Practice and Lunch with Wrestlers

What makes this tour different from the above mentioned sumo morning practice tours? This one is special in that you get to visit the only current Yokozuna’s(highest ranking for a sumo wrestler) stable! You will also get to eat Chanko Nabe(sumo wrestlers hot pot) made by the sumo wrestlers themselves! Try the delicious hefty meal that gives the wrestlers their stamina and strength, and watch their morning practice at the highest level.

📍Meet up: Varies depending on tour date
⏰Time: About 3 hours(start and end times vary depending on date)
🎫Price: ¥18,000~

Sumo Grand Tournament Tour (March 2024 TIX SELLING QUICK!)


Sumo Tournament Tour (Tickets Included)


Sumo Grand Tournament Tours for March(Osaka) 2024 available now!

Standard B Seats Tour

📍Meet up: Edion Arena Osaka Front Entrance
⏰Time: 14:15~18:00
🎫Price: ¥16,500(Standard B Seats)

Sumo School Experience with Real Wrestlers

Did you know that there is a sumo school on the Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo stadium grounds in Tokyo? The sumo school is a facility that teaches and educates newcomer rikishi, or sumo wrestlers, helping them learn the basics of sumo and develop the physical and mental strength needed for training in a sumo stable.


The sumo school that is normally only accessible by the new wrestlers and those teaching them, is specially opened to the public for these tours. You will have the chance to learn all about the history of sumo, daily life of the wrestlers at the school, and much more from an established and honorable Oyakata(sumo stable master) and other wrestlers right in the rooms where the wrestlers study daily. And you will even get to witness a demonstration from currently active sumo wrestlers, as well as try your hand at it yourself!

📍Meet up: JR Ryogoku Station West Gate
📅Date: TBD
⏰Time: 13:00~14:30
🎫Price: ¥12,000

When Can You Watch Grand Sumo Tournaments?

Grand Sumo Tournaments take place six times a year, and Tokyo hosts the tournament in January, May, and September. They take place at the sumo stadium called Ryogoku Kokugikan. The March tournament is in Osaka, the July tournament is in Nagoya, and the November tournament is in Fukuoka.

About the Grand Sumo Tournaments

famous sumo

The bouts go on from morning to evening, starting with lower-ranked wrestlers at around 8:30 am. If you arrive at the stadium by 3:30 pm, you can catch the ring-entering ceremony of the stronger wrestlers. The bouts usually conclude by 6 pm. Professional wrestlers are categorized into six divisions, with Makuuchi being the highest and Jonokuchi being the lowest. After each tournament, the wrestlers’ rankings are determined based on their performance, and the number of matches varies between the divisions. Makuuchi has 18 matches, Makushita has 30 matches, Juryo has 13 matches, and Sandanme has 48 matches.

Ryogoku Kokugikan is located in the Ryogoku area, which is near popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, including Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, and Akihabara. This eastern part of Tokyo is known for its well-preserved traditions from the Edo period.

March 2024 Sumo Tournament Tour in Osaka with Tickets
Join us on our sumo grand tournament tour and see Japan's national sport up close! Go to the tournament in either Osaka, Nagoya, or Fukuoka and see sumo wrestle...
Sumo Grand Tournament

To ensure that you get a full understanding of the sumo matches and the sport itself, it is best to watch sumo with a knowledgeable and passionate guide! You can also visit the Sumo Museum, located inside the Ryogoku Kokugikan, which displays a wide range of exhibitions on the history of sumo and the ceremonial goods of the great rikishi(wrestlers) of the past.
Tickets can be hard to obtain as they often sell out quickly, but with our tour, you don’t have to worry about it, as they are included!

When Can You Watch the Morning Practice at the Stable?

Grand Sumo Tournaments take place in odd months (January, March, May, July, September, and November) and except during the tournaments or when the wrestlers are on tour, we offer once-in-a-lifetime tours where you can see the dynamic morning practice at the sumo stables in Tokyo! Only a select few stables actually allow people into the stables to see the morning practice. We have partnered up with some of these stables to bring you these exclusive tours to see the wrestlers’ intense and exhilarating morning practice.

Sumo Morning Practice Tour in Tokyo, Sumida City
Our exclusive sumo morning practice tour will take you to Sumo Stable in Tokyo and you can watch sumo wrestler's intense morning practice up close. Don't miss o...

What is a Sumo Stable?

Sumo stables are the places where sumo wrestlers reside and train together with their oyakata, the master of the stable. Though the number of stables may vary from year to year, currently, there are 44 of them in Japan and they are all located in the Kanto area. The wrestlers adhere to strict rules, share meals, and divide housework. They have a strict hierarchy by division, which means the lower-ranked rikishi are responsible for most of the chores and assist the higher-ranked rikishi with tasks such as running errands and even scrubbing their backs. The lower-ranked rikishi wake up early to prepare for practice and can only eat after the higher-ranked rikishi have finished their meals.

sumo stable morning tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of sumo wrestling with our exclusive Tokyo Sumo Morning Practice Tour at Arashio Stable. Witness the intensity of Japan’s skilled sumo wrestlers as they train just feet away from you, offering an unparalleled experience of this ancient sport. Meet your guide at Hamacho Station(Toei Shinjuku Line) and head to Arashio Stable. Enhance your understanding of the sumo training with a live audio guide, as your expert guide provides insightful commentary from behind a glass wall through your earbuds. It’s a big advantage of this tour since normally it’s not allowed to talk during the practice, so it may be difficult to understand what exactly is going on in the practice without a live audio guide. Once the morning practice is over, you may even have the opportunity to take a memorable photo with the sumo wrestlers. Don’t miss this unique chance to immerse yourself in the captivating world of sumo.

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