10 Snow Festivals in Japan 2021-2022

Not only the famous Sapporo Snow Festival, there are more snow festivals with beautiful ice and snow spectacles in Japan.
To do in Tokyo

How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Tokyo 2021-2022

New Year's holiday is such a big event in Japan. Here we introduce the best things to do in Tokyo and explain typical ways to spend New Year's Eve in Japanese way.
Places to visit in Japan

10 Best Stargazing Spots in Japan

Japan offers amazing stargazing spots throughout the country. Here we introduce the best spots to enjoy full of starts outside in beautiful nature.

Travelling Back To Japan During COVID-19 For Residents

Living in Japan or generally living abroad is for many a dream, a dream that I am fortunate to live. As long as I can r...
Cultural tips

Cool Stationery From Japan You Want To Get!

It is said Japan is like heaven if you are a stationary freak. There are many unique and cute stationary available in Japan, and here are some of them.
Day trips from Tokyo

What is Johnson Town in Saitama?

Here we introduce Johnson Town, an American style village in Saitama prefecture. You can enjoy shopping, western inspired food and surrounding nature here.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Japan

In Japan, Christmas is not about religion but more about creating a cozy atmosphere during the dark days and enjoying the company of your lover and friends. Let us tell you a bit more about how to celebrate Christmas in Japan!

Visit Kinosaki Onsen – Local Experience In Kansai

Kinosaki Onsen is an onsen town around 2.5 hours north from Kyoto by train. There you can enjoy the traditional onsen town and beautiful nature! Here're the best things to do.

The Best Cafes in Yokohama

Yokohama is one of the most popular tourist spots around Tokyo. Here we introduce the best cozy cafes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the Yokohama area.
Day trips from Tokyo

Shinrin-Yoku: 10 Places To Practice Forest Bathing Near Tokyo

Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) is a good practice for your mental health and allowing you relax in nature. Here are the list of the best nature spots to practice forest bathing that are accessible from Tokyo.
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