Places to visit in Japan

10 Amazing Sunset Spots in Japan

Here we introduce the best places to see amazing sunset in Japan. Stunning view of the sunset will surely stay on your memory for a long time.

The History of Koi and Their Meaning in Japan

Koi fish is closely related to Japanese culture. You'll see koi at the pond in the famous Japanese garden, find some Koi patterns in design and some flying carp-shaped windsocks in May. Here we explain the meaning behind Koi fish in Japan!
Food & Drinks

The Different Types of Japanese Tea

Tea culture is a big part of Japanese culture. Here we explain the different types of Japanese tea: Matcha, Hojicha, Sencha and more!

What is Hinamatsuri? Girl’s Day in Japan

March 3rd is Hinamatsuri Festival, which is often translated as Girl's Day or Doll's Day in Japan. Here we explain what it is, how to celebrate it and where to see gorgeous Hina dolls in Japan!

Shukubo Experience in Japan – Let’s Stay at A Buddhist Temple

Do you know that you can stay at a temple in Japan? It's called Shukubo, and it gives you a unique experience including zen meditation, buddhist vegan meals and a sacred morning ritual.
Places to visit in Japan

11 Best Places to See Plum Blossom in Japan 2022

Before the cherry blossom season, here comes the plum blossom! It starts to bloom from the middle of February and can be enjoyed until the end of March. In this article, you can see our list of the best places to see plum blossom in Japan!

10 Shops You Should Visit in Japan

Here we introduce some fun shops to visit in Japan that you can find not only in Tokyo but everywhere in Japan!
Cultural tips

What is Omikuji?: Complete Guide to Japanese Fortune Slip

Omikuji is a fortune slip that you can get at a shrine or temple in Japan. Here we explain what it is, how to do and read it, and introduce some unique shaped omikuji!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Best Early Blooming Sakura Viewing Spots in Japan 2022

Generally the sakura season in Japan is from the middle of March to April, but there are early blooming sakura that allows you to enjoy beautiful sakura from February. Here are the best viewing spots in Japan!

Beautiful Camping Destinations in Japan

Can you go camping in Japan? The answer is a resounding ‘yes'. Here we introduce the beautiful camping destinations in Japan.
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