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What is Golden Week in Japan? Tips to Travel around Japan during the Long Weekends 2021

Golden Week is a long holiday week in Japan in May. It's the best time to travel around Japan, but it's better if you know the travel tips to travel efficiently during the holiday.

Japan’s Most Active Volcanoes & Volcanic Sites

Despite its small size compared to the rest of the world, Japan is home to around 10% of Earth’s active volcanoes. Thou...

What is Shinto? Finding the Japanese Religion in Everyday Life

Shinto (or Shintoism) is a major religion in Japan. Even though people in Japan are not religious, Shinto is rooted deeply in daily lives without realizing it. In this article, we explained the concept and history of Shinto and where to find these beliefs in Japan, even in the popular Ghibli films.
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Popular Multi-Day Hikes in Japan

When most tourists think of Japan, they picture the sea of people at Shibuya crossing, the bright lights of Shinsaibash...

How to Celebrate Children’s Day in Japan?

On May 5th, it's Children's Day in Japan. Unlike the Children's Day in the world, it is deeply connected to Shinto and traditional custom wishing for a good health and happiness for children. In this article, we introduce how to celebrate Children's Day in Japan!
Itinerary in Japan

Perfect 10 Day Itinerary For Your Kyushu Trip

Follow this ready-to-use itinerary that will bring you to all the highlights of Kyushu!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Off the Beaten Path Places in Japan

For your next travel, let's avoid the crowd and head to the beautiful off the beaten path places around Japan!

Popular Games From Japan

Did you know some of the world's most played video game come from Japan? In this blog we'll introduce some of the traditional games as well as video games that are popular in Japan.
Places to visit in Japan

Canada, Germany and Netherlands? 11 Unique Theme Parks to Travel Around the World in Japan

Canada, Germany and Netherlands? There are unique theme parks which recreated the townscape of other countries in Japan.
Travel tips

Useful Japanese Expressions When Traveling in Japan

Konnichiwa! Here are some basic sentences for you to remember when traveling in Japan and when to use them best.
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