Hidden places in Japan

10 Mysterious Spots & Stories in Kyoto!

Let's discover hidden spots which have some mysterious stories in Kyoto.
Day trips from Tokyo

Nature Spots near Tokyo for a 1 day trip

Are you looking for the best nature spots near Tokyo for a daytrip? Look no further! Here we have listed the best spots and how to get there.
Day trips from Tokyo

The Perfect Trip to Nasu Onsen

Nasu Onsen is a large hot spring resort in Tochigi Prefecture. The resort can be accessed by train in only 2 hours from central Tokyo. In this article, we introduce Nasu Onsen and what you can do around the onsen resort.
Customs & Traditions

Animal Statues at Temples & Shrines in Japan

At most shrines and and temples throughout Japan you will find some animal statues. In this article we explain the meaning behind these statues and provide you with some great places to visit!
Hidden places in Japan

What Are Jizo Statues?

You will see many Jizo statues in Japan. In this article, we briefly introduce what Jizo are, and some famous temples where you can see unique Jizo statues in Japan.
Cultural Experiences

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Japan

In most Asian countries, people celebrate Chinese New Year, and Japan in no exception. Read all about the festivities in Japan in this blog.

7 Best Ways to Enjoy Japan in Winter

Winter can be really fun in Japan. You can find many tourist attractions such as ski and snowboard, festivals, illuminations, and gorgeous snowy sceneries. In this article, we introduce 7 best ways to enjoy Japan in winter!
Customs & Traditions

How to spend Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine's Day in Japan is a popular event, celebrated in a unique way. In this article we will explain the Japanese customs and tradition on February 14th!
Customs & Traditions

Traditional event in February; What is “Setsubun”?

Setsubun is one of the traditional events in Japan in February. In this article, we will explain about the history of Setsubun and things to do on that day!
Customs & Traditions

Japanese Religious Beliefs: Yakudoshi

In Japan, some years in life are considered unlucky. Read all you need to know about Yakudoshi and how to ward off your bad luck in this blog.
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