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    The Best 15 Craft Beer Places in Tokyo!

    Japanese people love beer and it is the best feelings to get some drinks after work… But recently, beer scene in Japan is changing. Craft beer is getting popular in Japan! Japan has 4 big [...]
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    What to see in Japan

    Hidden places in Japan

    1. Mt. Aso The Region of Aso in Kyushu (Japan), became UNESCO World Geo Park in September 2014. Japan`s largest volcano named “Mt.Aso” or “Asosan”. 1592 meters taller and being due to erupt at any [...]
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    Things to do in Japan

    8 Places to Explore Japan’s Gaming Culture

    From its top-notch cuisine to its scenic landscapes, there are many layers to Japan. But besides that, a visit to Japan is also the ultimate goal of many gamers. It’s the birth place of iconic [...]

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