What are Yokai? Japanese Folklore Creatures

For summer nights, people like o hear some scary ghost stories. Here we explain the Japanese very unique legendary creatures 'Yokai', and where to find them.

11 Best Things To Do in Fukuoka City

A laid-back port city, Fukuoka City (also known as Hakata) packs enough sightseeing spots to fill up 2 days. Let us introduce the 11 best things to do in Fukuoka City!

Most Scenic Train Rides in Japan

One of the best ways to enjoy amazing scenery in Japan is to take one of its many scenic train rides. Let's dive into the world of scenic train rides in Japan!

Traditional Japanese Summer Events: What is Tanabata?

July 7th is Tanabata, an annual event celebrated in Japan. Here we explain its history, sad story of two lovers, customs and the famous tanabata festivals!
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Weekend Trip to Kiso Valley and Nakasendo

Kiso Valley is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in Japan. Here is a useful guide for a weekend trip to Kiso Valley!

Yakatabune: Dinner on the Traditional Japanese Boat

Yakatabune is a traditional boat where you can have dinner on the traditional boat. Here we introduce this popular summer activity in Japan and where and how to enjoy it.
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Japanese Useful Phrases to Use at Restaurants

Communicating with local people in the local language is one of the best parts of traveling abroad. Let's learn essential Japanese phrases at restaurants!

Gozan Okuribi: Summer Traditions in Kyoto

One of the famous summer traditions in Kyoto, here we explain what is Gozan Okuribi, how to enjoy and the best viewing spots.

10 Coolest Train Stations in Japan

Here we introduce the coolest and the most unique train stations that you can find in Japan. Why don't you take a short stop at the station and look at its beautiful architectural design?
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Japan’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Not only Okinawa, but there are more beautiful beaches to visit in Japan. From the Tohoku region to the Kyushu region, here we introduce the best beaches in Japan!
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