Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events

Traditional Events In Tokyo To Mark In Your Calendar

In spring and summer, almost every other weekend. We have listed 10 great festivals for you to mark in your agenda. When you find yourself in Tokyo during one of these events, visit some of these festivals.

Top 5 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in Tokyo

Are you planning a trip to Tokyo during cherry blossom season? This is the prettiest time of the year where the streets...
Seasonal Events

The best 5 fireworks experience around Tokyo in Summer

In Japanese Summer, we could enjoy fireworks! Let's wear Yukata and go out to see fireworks like locals. This time we w...
Places to visit in Tokyo

Beautiful views of Autumn Leaves, One Day Trip from Tokyo: Kamakura, Hakone, Fuji Five Lakes, Nikko and inner Tokyo

Hi, we are Japan Wonder Travel who is a travel agency mainly offers unique tours for foreign independent travelers. We w...
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