10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tokyo

Many tourists come visit Tokyo from all over the world, but why? From historical sites to pop culture spots, from skyscrapers to nature parks, Tokyo has many reasons for you to visit.
Day trips from Tokyo

Nature Spots near Tokyo for a 1 day trip

Are you looking for the best nature spots near Tokyo for a daytrip? Look no further! Here we have listed the best spots and how to get there.
Day trips from Tokyo

The Perfect Trip to Nasu Onsen

Nasu Onsen is a large hot spring resort in Tochigi Prefecture. The resort can be accessed by train in only 2 hours from central Tokyo. In this article, we introduce Nasu Onsen and what you can do around the onsen resort.
Places to visit in Tokyo

Animal Cafes & Rescue Centre in Tokyo

Animal cafes are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan among foreign tourists since the cafe's first sta...
Day trips from Tokyo

How to Do a Ski Day Trip to Gala Yuzawa

Gala Yuzawa is a popular destination for winter sports fanatics, with large of amount of high quality powder snow. It can be accessed by Shinkansen from Tokyo in well under 2hrs. Here we will explain everything you need to know!
To do in Tokyo

Otaku Things to Do in Tokyo!

Japan has many unique culture, and Otaku culture is one of them. Otaku is often translated as a nerd/geek but it refers to someone who is into the particular thing such as anime and games. Here are the best Otaku things to do in Tokyo!
Seasonal Events

Things to do on New Year’s Day in Tokyo

Do you want to celebrate the New Year the way Japanese do? In this article we share the best places where to go and what to do on New Year's Day in Tokyo!
Cultural Experiences

The Best Buddhist Temples in Japan

Buddhism is one of the two main religions in Japan, together with Shintoism. In this article we will explain how Buddhism came to Japan, the main outings and the best temples to visit!
Day trips from Tokyo

Enoshima Winter Illumination: the Jewel of Shonan 2020-2021

One of the Best Winter Illuminations in Japan: Enoshima Jewel of Shonan can be easily visited as a daytrip from Tokyo. Its highlights include the illuminated Sea Candle and the Tunnel of Crystals. Here we share all the information you need to know before you go.
Day trips from Tokyo

Historical Sites in Yokohama

While it continues to develop as one of the most urbanized cities in Japan, it features impressive historical sites which has a modern and European atmosphere. Here are the best historical sites that you shouldn’t miss in Yokohama!
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