Traditional Wisdom to Survive the Japanese Summer

Summer heat in Japan can be unbearable due to its humidity and high temperature. But fear not, let us introduce to you how to survive Japanese summer, Japanese style!

High Spirits, Positive Vibes and Freedom: That’s Yosakoi Dance!

Yosakoi is a unique festival dance that originated in Kochi prefecture in Shikoku. Today, it is performed all over the world - Here's the introduction to Yosakoi and an opportunity to enjoy it at home!

What are Yokai? Japanese Folklore Creatures

For summer nights, people like o hear some scary ghost stories. Here we explain the Japanese very unique legendary creatures 'Yokai', and where to find them.

Traditional Japanese Summer Events: What is Tanabata?

July 7th is Tanabata, an annual event celebrated in Japan. Here we explain its history, sad story of two lovers, customs and the famous tanabata festivals!

Gozan Okuribi: Summer Traditions in Kyoto

One of the famous summer traditions in Kyoto, here we explain what is Gozan Okuribi, how to enjoy and the best viewing spots.

Buddhism in Japan – Brief History and Best Buddhist Temples to Visit

Buddhism is one of the two main religions in Japan. Here will explain how it got introduced in Japan and its influence on the daily lives of people in Japan.

10 Best Historical Sites in Japan

In Japan, there are some places that can take you back to the Edo period or other era. Let's discover the famous/hidden historical sites throughout Japan!

Traditional Japanese Events: What is Obon Week?

Obon week in mid August is a annual holiday where people remember their deceased ancestors. It is also one of Japan's three major holiday seasons. Here we explain everything you need to know about Obon week!

History of Japan: Showa Period (1926-1989)

The Showa Period is a relatively long period of time in the Japanese history marked by the events of the WOII and Japan's internationalisation. Read more about the eventful time in the Japanese history and where you can experience reminders of the 60 years of time.

Bonsai Tree – A Traditional Japanese Art Form

Bonsai are an Japanese form of art with a long history, here we'll explain everything there is to know about the miniature trees!
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