Tokyo Area Accommodation

Tokyo and Mt. Fuji view in the morning

If you want to be well connected to all the most popular, must-see spots around Tokyo, then this is the best place for you to stay! With great comfort and exceptional connectivity, you’ll have no trouble adventuring at peak efficiency, and no trouble relaxing at peak convenience.

Shibuya / Shinjuku

Shibuya and Shinjuku are 2 of the most “downtown” metropolitan areas of Tokyo. You might consider these the heart of the city and home to the biggest varieties of entertainment, shopping, and food. Experience the bustling city vibes and a myriad of neon lights where there are sights to see at every hour of the day. Not only are these places inexhaustibly packed with things to do, they’re also incredibly well connected to the rest of Tokyo, making them optimal home-bases for your adventures.

Recommended Accommodations

Shinjuku AreaEntire home in Shinjuku City

Go beyond the typical hotel experience and immerse yourself in an entire house to yourself. Just a short walk to Shinjuku station, this is an optimal spot for both relaxation and a cultural experience. Spacious areas and a refreshing interior come together perfectly for your enjoyment.

Shibuya AreaEntire rental unit in Shibuya City

Get cozy just a short walk away from the ever-useful Shibuya station! This apartment option is a great retreat from the bustling city vibes without having to be far away! You get a great grasp on the usual living space for locals living in downtown areas at maximum comfort and convenience!

Central Tokyo

Azabudai Hills, Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza

While Shibuya and Shinjuku are some of the most iconic downtown hubs, Tokyo is still an enormous city with many areas. If you want to stay in the “geographic” heart of Tokyo, then look no further than these locations. You can expect luxurious, opulent vibes with iconic locations within a short trip or a look out the window!

Recommended Accommodations

Minato AreaEntire rental units in Minato City, Japan

Just a short walk from Hamamatsucho station. With a variety of classy rooms available, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect setup for your group size! Whether it’s just you or your friends/family included, there’s a great option for you. Contemporary style with modern comfort in a classy part of the city, what more could you ask for?

Another option with multiple rooms, both in 2 person or maisonette-style, this location is just an 8-minute walk from Shimbashi station. Complete with stylish decor and a level of comfort that will make you not want to leave! Available for short or long-term stays.

Yanaka Ginza / Tokyo Skytree

Yanaka Ginza, Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa

If you want to be close to some great scenery and great traditional experiences, then look no further than these areas! Picture old-fashioned towns, cherry blossoms, Japan’s tallest tower, and ancient shrines, all within a reasonable distance from your temporary home in Japan!

Recommended Accommodations

Sumida AreaEntire rental units in Sumida City

This hotel is a perfect balance between modern design and traditional style, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed as well as immersed in elements of Japan’s heritage. This is a great option for large groups or a workation, either way, you’ll be comfortable and ready to enjoy the Yanesen area.

What’s better than a view of Skytree, Japan’s tallest tower, right from your room? Not only that, you’ll have easy access to popular places like Akihabara, and Asakusa, as well as Shinjuku and Shibuya. Just a 6-minute walk from Kinshicho station, it will be a breeze to enjoy the area and get around to others.

Easy Access to/from Haneda Airport

If keeping it close to the airport is ideal for you, then we’ve got you covered as well! While they might not be as “central” as other choices we’ve seen so far, almost any spot in Tokyo is incredibly well connected to the others. Besides, each area has its own character and variety of things to do.

Recommended Accommodations

Easy Access to Haneda AirportEntire condo in Ota City

Keep it first-class in this spacious condo all to yourself! This spot is fully kitted and a contemporary paradise just an 8-minute train ride from the airport, and even closer to Shinagawa- an important area and a Shinkansen train stop. Here you’ll be exceptionally comfortable and relaxed. Nothing is going to get in the way of maximizing your time being so close to the airport and a Shinkansen station!

Recommended Accommodations

Meguro AreaEntire rental unit in Shinagawa City

This spot is a bit farther away from the airport but is located conveniently next to Meguro station, a great place to be. With good access to Shinagawa, you’ll have no trouble getting to Haneda airport. What’s better is its connectivity to so many other places- just a 2-minute walk gets you to Meguro Station which boasts 4 different train lines, so getting to any part of Tokyo will be a synch! And Meguro River is just a stone’s throw away for any cherry blossom enthusiasts out there!

Beach Area near Tokyo

The Zushi Hayama area is easily accessible from Tokyo by public transportation to enjoy the beautiful beach. It’s a great day trip destination and it’s also a great place to stay for a day or two.
You can enjoy swimming, marine sports, or just being under the sun for sunbathing on the sand!

Recommended Accommodations

Zushi Hayama AreaEntire rental units in Yokosuka City

A perfect holiday home located in the Zushi Hayama area is about an hour away from the center of Tokyo. This vacation rental is situated by the beautiful beach right in front of you! This spacious holiday home has two bedrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and everything you need to stay comfortably at home. You can also easily access the popular beaches near Tokyo including Isshiki Beach, Zushi Beach, Zaimokuza Beach, Yuigahama Beach, and Miura Beach by car. It’s a perfect place to spend a summer day at the beach with your family or friends!

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