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Day trips from Kyoto

Hiking Between Kurama and Kibune in Kyoto

The villages Kurama and Kibune (also called Kifune) in the mountainous area just north of Kyoto offer a perfect opportun...
Places to visit in Japan

“Thermae Romae Novae” Onsen Locations and Things to Do

Have you seen the new anime series "Thermae Romae Novae" on Netflix? This fun time-traveling anime shows you a real onsen culture of Japan through the eyes of a Roman protagonist. And you can actually experience them on your own too! Here we introduce the real locations of the series.
Travel tips

Requirements to Travel to Japan 2022

Long-awaited news was finally delivered, but still traveling to Japan is under strict restrictions. After closing its bo...
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10 Best Festivals in Japan in June 2023

From vibrant dance performances to dynamic mikoshi (portable shrines), here we introduce the best festivals in Japan in June 2023.
Food & Drinks

15 International Supermarkets and Stores in Tokyo

Let us introduce 15 great international supermarkets and stores in Tokyo. This list includes Western, Asian, Halal and vegan foods.
Food & Drinks

14 Summer Foods and Drinks You Should Try in Japan

It's sweltering in summer in Japan, but summer foods and drinks will help you cool down and give you more energy to go on. Here we introduce the best summer foods and drinks to try in Japan!
Itinerary in Japan

7 Day Spring Itinerary in Japan to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms

Here's our suggested 7 day spring itinerary that you can fully enjoy the beautiful time of the year with cherry blossoms in Japan.

What are IC Cards and How to Use Them

Not only for the public transportation but also you can use as payment at convenience stores and some shops. Here we explain how to use IC cards in Japan.
Cultural tips

How to Tell the Difference between Plum, Cherry and Peach Blossoms

Here we explain how to tell the subtle differences between three similar blossoms that bloom in spring - plum, cherry and peach blossoms.

Shukubo Experience in Japan – Let’s Stay at A Buddhist Temple

Do you know that you can stay at a temple in Japan? It's called Shukubo, and it gives you a unique experience including zen meditation, buddhist vegan meals and a sacred morning ritual.
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