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National Holidays And Annual Events in Japan

Here is an introduction to national holidays and annual events in Japan. Knowing these holidays will help you plan a trip more efficiently!
Day trips from Tokyo

Refreshing Day Trip to Tateyama Alpine Route from Tokyo!

Tateyama Alpine Route is a beautiful mountain sightseeing route passing through the northern part of the Japanese Alps stretching from Toyama to Nagano prefecture. You can enjoy the changing scenery on every season. There are some good hiking courses for everyone so if you want to look for the best summer destination in Japan, Tateyama Alpine Route is for you.
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A Guide to Solo Camping in Japan with “Laid-Back Camp” Locations

Sometimes it is good to be away from your hectic life and relax in the nature. Having alone time and letting yourself free would help you get rid of some stress or worries in a daily life. Here we introduce some tips for solo camping and great locations for it based on the popular anime called "Laid-Back Camp".
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10 Summer Destinations in Japan to Escape the Heat

In Japan, the summer heat is sometimes unbearable. During summer, the temperature easily gets over 30℃ or even over 35℃ with unpleasant humidity. So, how about going away from the heat and spend sometimes in somewhere cool in Japan?

Why Japanese People Do This?; Interesting Culture in Japan!

When you travel to Japan, you might wonder many things about the behavior of Japanese people or Japanese culture. In this article, we answered these major questions about Japan! These are good to learn before you come to Japan to get ready for your trip too!
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10 Must-Visit Animal Islands That Will Surprise You in Japan

There are some animal islands you can visit in Japan such as cat islands, horse island, rabbit island and monkey island etc. Enjoy the beautiful view of the island and meet the cute animals there!
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How to Travel Cheap in Japan

If you know some tips to save some money, you can actually travel cheap in Japan. You may think traveling to Japan would be very expensive, but it is more affordable than you think. Here we introduce how to travel cheap in Japan!
Things to do in Japan

11 Hollywood Movie Locations in Japan

There are some Hollywood movies inspired or shot in Japan. Lost in Translation, Last Samurai, Kill Bill, Inception etc., here we listed 11 movies location you can go in Japan!

11 Things Not to Do in Japan

Any countries have its own taboos and rules and Japan is not the exception. If you can learn the hidden rules and don'ts before your trip, it will make your trip easier!
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10 Best Summer Destinations in Japan; How to Travel Cheap with Go To Travel Campaign?

Go to Campaign will start in July 22, 2020 and this is a great opportunity for you to travel around Japan with saving money! It is only for domestic travelers but if you live in Japan, don't miss the chance! Here we explain about campaign and introduce the best places to visit in summer in Japan!
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