Travel tips

Travel tips

National Holidays And Annual Events in Japan

Here is an introduction to national holidays and annual events in Japan. Knowing these holidays will help you plan a trip more efficiently!

Why Japanese People Do This?; Interesting Culture in Japan!

When you travel to Japan, you might wonder many things about the behavior of Japanese people or Japanese culture. In this article, we answered these major questions about Japan! These are good to learn before you come to Japan to get ready for your trip too!
Travel tips

First Time In Japan; How Long Should You Stay?

When you are visiting Japan for the first time, you may have some places in your mind that you want to visit; Tokyo as the huge, modern city, Kyoto to see the many shrines and temples, and maybe Nara to meet the friendly, free-roaming deer. Or perhaps you have some other great places in mind where you can enjoy the diverse culture and nature of Japan. But what is the best number of days to spend in Japan when you visit for the first time? It really all depends on your preferences, including where in Japan you want to go and what kind of experiences you want to try and let's not forget your budget! In this article, we introduce pros and cons of four itineraries with different length ranging from a few days up to one month.
Travel tips

How to Travel Cheap in Japan

If you know some tips to save some money, you can actually travel cheap in Japan. You may think traveling to Japan would be very expensive, but it is more affordable than you think. Here we introduce how to travel cheap in Japan!

11 Things Not to Do in Japan

Any countries have its own taboos and rules and Japan is not the exception. If you can learn the hidden rules and don'ts before your trip, it will make your trip easier!
Travel tips

10 Best Summer Destinations in Japan; How to Travel Cheap with Go To Travel Campaign?

Go to Campaign will start in July 22, 2020 and this is a great opportunity for you to travel around Japan with saving money! It is only for domestic travelers but if you live in Japan, don't miss the chance! Here we explain about campaign and introduce the best places to visit in summer in Japan!
Travel tips

Event Information in 2020 around Japan: Which Event Got Postponed or Canceled?

Due to the concern regarding COVID-19 outbreak, the big events and festivals are decided to be canceled or postponed this year. Here we listed up the events which got cancelled or postponed throughout Japan.

Hotels with Amazing Tokyo Night View

When you visit a big city like Tokyo, you will have thousands of hotel options. How to select the best one? That of course all comes down to your personal preferences. Maybe you are an active explorer that will be out all day and night. Maybe you would like to spend some time at the hotel, soaking up the exciting atmosphere from there. We have selected six hotels for you, that offer an impressive view of Tokyo, during the day but especially at nighttime. While the view during the day has its' own charms, most of Tokyo's landmarks look even better at night. Sit down and relax in a nice atmosphere with some mellow music and enjoy a delicious dinner from your temporary home! Here we present six hotels with great Tokyo night views.
Things to do in Japan

The Complete Sushi Guide; History, Etiquette and Recommended Sushi Making Classes in Japan

Sushi is by far the most famous dish from the Japanese cuisine worldwide. this blog, we will explain you more about what sushi is, where it comes from, how to eat it and where you can learn more about how to make it yourself!
Things to do in Tokyo

The Best 15 Boutique Hotels in Kyoto

Small hotels but could get the fancy feelings, boutique hotels are popular to stay in the beautiful city, Kyoto, Japan. Here are 15 boutique hotels we would like to recommend!
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