Osaka Area Accommodation

If you want to be well connected to all the most popular, must-see spots around Osaka, then this is the best place for you to stay! With great comfort and exceptional connectivity, you’ll have no trouble adventuring at peak efficiency, and no trouble relaxing at peak convenience.

Suita Area

663highland,CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED, via Wikimedia Commons

Suita City is famous for the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park and many parks to relax in.
Although it’s easily accessible to the central areas of Osaka, the city itself is a more quiet and residential area.
Additionally, Asahi Breweries, one of the biggest beer companies in Japan, has its roots in Suita City. If you are a beer lover, Asahi Beer Museum has a fun opetion to visit where you can enjoy freshly brewed beer and the fun-to-explore museum!

Recommended Accommodations

Entire rental unit in Suita, Japan

Located in a highly convenient area that is easily accessible to the most popular tourist attractions such as Umeda, Namba, and Shinsaibashi without any transfer by train.
There are many commercial facilities, restaurants, and supermarkets that are open until late at night around the accommodations. All the essentials are equipped to the room which makes it perfect for long-term stays.






More accommodations in other areas of Osaka are coming soon!

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