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Where to See Authentic Traditional Japan Around Tokyo

For those who want to experience authentic Japanese culture, you just have to know where to look. In this article, we will introduce several places around the Tokyo area to experience the authentic tradition of Japan.
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10 Best Places to See Hydrangea in and near Tokyo

On the rainy season from mid-June to mid-July, it's the best time to see hydrangea in Japan. Here we introduce the best places to see hydrangea flowers in and near Tokyo!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Real-life Video Game Locations in Japan

Japan boasts a number of world-famous video games. From one of the busiest streets in the heart of Tokyo to a small remote island in the countryside, here we introduce the popular video games and real-life locations in Japan!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Complete Guide To The Meiji Jingu Shrine

The famous Meiji Jingu Shrine it a must-visit powerspot when you find yourself in Tokyo. Here we have listed some of the best (hidden) places to visit at the largest shrine in Tokyo!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

Michelin Starred Restaurants in Tokyo

There are 446 restaurants in Tokyo listed in the 2021 edition of Guide Michelin, the world's foremost authority on great restaurants. Here we introduce a few of the best, with details on how you can visit them.
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10 Hidden Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo 2021

There are some hidden places where you can enjoy cherry blossoms peacefully without worrying about social distancing. In this article, we cover the hidden and secret cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo.
Places to visit in Tokyo

10 Best Things to Do in Setagaya – Tokyo’s Trendy District

Setagaya on the west side of central Tokyo is home to some the most trendy areas like Shimokitazawa and Sangenjaya. With an artsy scene, stylish stores and winding backstreets that have a neighbourly vibe, this area should be on everyone's itinerary. In this article we'll mention the best things to see and do here.

6 Best Seaside Parks in Tokyo!

When it's getting warm and you are feeling the arrival of spring, the idea of going to seaside parks in Tokyo sounds pretty good, doesn't it? There are quite a few famous seaside parks which enable you to get unwind in the middle of the big city. Here is a complete guide of the best seaside parks in Tokyo!
Places to visit in Tokyo

The Best Places to Visit in Suginami, Tokyo

Suginami area is rich with hidden gems and naturally one of the popular places to live in Tokyo for its comfortable neighborhood and unique environment. From shopping districts to drinking districts, and from anime culture to historical sites, Suginami has developed one of a kind culture on each spot. In this article, we will introduce the best places to visit in Suginami!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Shitamachi in Tokyo: Where to Go & What to Do

Tokyo has several areas where you can experiences the traditional Shitamachi vibe. Shitamachi refers to old centre in Japanese and in this article we'll explain where to go and what to do for the best Shitamachi experience.
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