Places to visit in Japan


The Amami Islands of Kagoshima

As an island country, Japan is full of beach paradise islands that feel like they came straight out of a guide book. Wh...

History of Dejima in Nagasaki

Dejima, a man-made small island in Nagasaki, is a historical site that used to be a part of trading port in 17th-19th century. Let’s learn more about its intriguing history and what you can still see at Dejima today!

How to Spend the Day on Shodoshima Island

Shodoshima is a beautiful island that is located in the Seto Inland Sea. Here is the perfect guide to a day trip to Shodoshima including the best things to do!

11 Best Things To Do in Fukuoka City

A laid-back port city, Fukuoka City (also known as Hakata) packs enough sightseeing spots to fill up 2 days. Let us introduce the 11 best things to do in Fukuoka City!
Places to visit in Japan

Japan’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Not only Okinawa, but there are more beautiful beaches to visit in Japan. From the Tohoku region to the Kyushu region, here we introduce the best beaches in Japan!

Summer Activities in Nagano

On the hot summer days, Nagano is the ideal place to refresh yourself! While Nagano is known as a winter sport destination, is has much to offer in summer too!
Places to visit in Japan

7 Best Bungee Jumping Spots in Japan

If you are looking for some extraordinary and thrilling experience in Japan, try bungee jump! Here we introduce the best bungee jumping spot!
Places to visit in Japan

The 11 Best Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are breathtaking. One of the core principles of Shintoism, Japan’s native religion, is to respect and ...
Places to visit in Japan

Top 10 National Parks in Japan

Japan offers a diverse and breathtaking landscapes, some of which are dedicated national parks. These are our top 10 national parks in Japan!
Places to visit in Japan

Japan’s 10 Most Beautiful Lakes

Here we introduce the 10 most beautiful lakes across Japan, you can enjoy fishing and swimming in the lake during summer season, and breathtaking autumn foliage in fall!
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