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Shizuoka is a large prefecture located in the Chubu region in Japan. It is widely known for the tallest mountain called “Mt. Fuji”, and also boasts the largest production of Japanese green tea. The climate is relatively mild, and it is accessible from main urban areas through the public transportation because of the convenient location. Although it is visited by a number of tourists from around the world, there are still some hidden places that are not well known. In this article, we will introduce places to visit in Shizuoka that you shouldn’t miss!

Other places to visit in Chubu region

Izu area

Izu area refers to the east part of Shizuoka which includes the Izu peninsula sticking out to the Pacific Ocean. There are many tourist attractions such as a popular hot spring resort called “Shuzenji”, or scenic spots along the beautiful coast. It is also close to another tourist destination called “Atami”, which fascinates tourist with unique attractions and the relaxing hot springs as well. The area is relatively peaceful, and offers tourists a calm atmosphere with a plenty of nature. It is a perfect place to experience a traditional Japan and nature altogether!   

Kinomiya Shrine

Kinomiya shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Atami city. The details about the beginning of the shrine remains unclear, but it is said that the origin of the shrine dates back to the Nara era, when people dedicated a wooden statue caught in a fishing net. Since then, it has been loved by local people as a symbolic shrine in the city. “Kogashi Matsuri”, which is recognized as the biggest festival in the city is held every July.

There is a huge camphor tree which is believed to be around 2,000 years old. It is designated as a National Natural Monument, and if you walk around the tree, it is said you can live one year longer! The entire shrine is surrounded by abundant nature, and it offers a spiritual and refreshing experience for visitors! 

Opening Hours  9am-5pm
Admission Free


Shuzenji is a hot spring resort situated in the central part of Izu peninsula. It is said to be the oldest hot spring resort in Izu area with its 1,200 year-long history, there are a number of traditional Japanese inns and historical sites around. Tourists can experience a relaxing foot bath called “Kawarayu” for free while enjoying the peaceful scenery along the iconic river running through the area. The highlight of Shuzenji is “bamboo forest path”, which refers to a narrow pathway completely surrounded by beautiful green bamboo. Visitors can directly feel the strength of the bamboo as walking through the pleasant pathway.   

Jogasaki Coast

Jogasaki Beach is a scenic spot on the east coast of the Izu peninsula. It was originally formed by an eruption of Mt. Omuro about 4,000 years ago, and has attracted an increasing number of tourists in recent years. The 10 km long steep cliff and rock formation on the coastline offer an exciting scenery, and it is a perfect location to take memorable pictures as well. The most popular tourist attraction is a suspension bridge called “Kadowakitsuri-bashi Bridge” completed in 1968. Visitors can walk across the bridge hanging 23 meters high from the sea! It offers an exciting moment and a stunning view of the sea. 

Where to stay in Izu area

Ochiairo ―Traditional Japanese style accommodation, free pick-up service from Shuzen-ji temple, offering the traditional multi-course meal using local ingredients

Gotemba/ Numazu area

Gotemba refers to an area located at the base of Mt. Fuji. Although it is not adjacent to the sea, there are a number of enjoyable spots in the mountainous area. Numazu is another city which is about an hour trip from Gotemba. It boasts fresh seafood that is widely known for the quality and the taste. There are several tourist attractions which perfectly suit for family trip.

Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park is a zoo and wildlife park opened in 1980. It is counted as one of the largest zoos in Japan, and offers an exciting experience for the whole family through interaction with a variety of animals. The park can be divided into two areas; In “Fureai Zone”, visitors can directly touch and hold adorable animals. Some interesting experiences such as a horse ride is available as well. In “Safari Zone”, visitors can observe bigger, more ferocious animals such as lions, bears and tigers! This area is only accessible by car or special vehicle provided by the park, and passengers are not allowed to go outside. There are souvenir shops where you can get memorable merchandise as well! 

Opening Hours 9am-4.30pm (from Mar.11 to Oct.31) 10am-3.30pm (from Nov.1 to Mar.10)
Admission ¥2,700 (Adults/ high school students) ¥1,500 (ages 4 to junior high school students) ¥2,000 (ages 65 and older)

Gotemba Outlet Mall

Gotemba Outlet Mall is a huge shopping mall in Gotemba city which opened in 2000. There are around 200 discount shops selling clothes or other products for a reasonable price. Some world-famous brands also offer special deals for those who want to get their products while saving money. They have recently opened new facilities which includes a hotel, playground for kids, and a relaxing hot spring. It is a good place to spend a whole day with your family members. On a sunny day, visitors can enjoy the amazing view of Mt. Fuji while enjoying shopping!   

Opening Hours 10am-8pm (from Mar. to Nov.) 10am-7pm (from Dec. to Feb.)

Where to stay in Gotemba area

Mars Garden Wood Gotenba ― Spacious and clean rooms, 10 minutes drive from outlet malls, they have beautiful garden to walk around and you can enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji

Yaizu/ Omaezaki area

Yaizu and Omeazaki area is located in the central part of Shizuoka prefecture. They both have a famous fishing port, and visited by a number of tourists not only from overseas but also inside Japan. If you pay attention to the other side, you can find several interesting spots offering totally different experiences in the deep mountains as well. One of the most popular spots is “Sumatakyo Gorge” and there is an iconic suspension bridge called “Yume no Tsuribashi” that we introduce below!  

Yume no Tsuribashi

Yume no Tsuribashi is a suspension bridge constructed over the Sumatakyo gorge. The bridge is about 90 meter-long, and it offers a thrilling experience for visitors walking across 8 meters above the emerald green water. The bridge swings occasionally as someone start to walk across it. If you take a brief stop at the middle of the bridge, you can take a great photo of the beautiful gorge from a perfect direction! If you want to take a photo of the whole bridge, there is a pathway where you can look down on the bridge as well.   

 Where to stay in Yaizu area

Migiwaya ― 4-Star Ryokan located just by the sea, gorgeous rooms with an open-air bath, great place for a family trip

Hamamatsu/ Hamanako area

Hamamatsu is a big city in the west part of Shizuoka. It is known as a home to several world-famous companies such as Yamaha and Suzuki. Hamanako is the tenth largest lake in Japan which is directly connected to the Pacific Ocean, and it offers a variety of seafood and other benefits to local people. In order to help you understand the city deeper, we will focus on two tourist attractions in the area below!  


Ryotanji is a Buddhist temple which was built in 733. It belongs to the Rinzai school of Japanese Zen. It has a strong relation with the Ii family and has been serving as a “Bodaiji (family temple)” for centuries. Visitors can enter the building and observe the inside and valuable exhibits closely. There is a Japanese traditional garden which is open to the public as well. The garden was nationally designated as a Scenic Spot in 1936.

Opening Hours 9am-4.30pm
Admission ¥500 (Adults/ high school students) ¥200 (elementary/ junior high school students)

Nukumori Forest

Nukumori Forest is where you can have a unique experience surrounded by western-style buildings. The area was once used as a private residence and a show house by an architect. It was later renovated to a public area where visitors can explore the romantic landscape created by lovely brick buildings. There are small shops selling original merchandise, restaurants that offers tasty dishes, and a cozy cafe located in a small forest. Everything is carefully created and placed to make the perfect landscape that seemingly can be found in picture books!  

Opening Hours 11am-4pm (※Reservation is required for the restaurant)
Admission ¥300 (junior high school students or older)

Where to stay in Hamamatsu

Okura Act City Hamamatsu ― Close to Hamamatsu Station, stores and restaurants, the view from the room over the city and ocean is spectacular

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Shizuoka offers a number of different kinds of experiences for tourists. It is also easily accessible from Tokyo or Nagoya. Why don’t you consider spending a couple of days there to find out more about the area?

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