Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

The Best Autumn Activities in and around Tokyo

In Japan, people say “autumn for appetite”, “autumn for art”, “autumn for reading”, and “autumn for sport and leisure.” It seems like almost everything is good in autumn. What would you like to try this year? Below is a number of the best spots in each category.
Cultural Experiences

How to Celebrate Halloween in Japan

Halloween in Japan is celebrated a little different than in other countries, the costumes and parties play a big part, but there is no trick or treating and many other Halloween tradition are not cared about. In Japan, Halloween is more celebrated among the adults that like to dress up and party. Many stores, will offer limited seasonal editions of their goods and colourful decorations. In this article, we will help you understand how you can enjoy Halloween in Japan!
Cultural Experiences

Explore The Best Pottery Villages of Japan

Pottery and ceramic arts, are one of Japan's oldest and most valued Japanese crafts and art forms. Nowadays, the ceramics and pottery, still forms an integral part of the Japanese culture and are used in the everyday life. In this article, we'll have a closer look at the Japanese pottery and give you a list of the top places you should visit to experience the Japanese pottery.
Cultural Experiences

Best Places For Renting a Kimono – A Traditional Experience in Japan!

Picture yourself in a Kimono, strolling down the streets of a traditional town in Japan, how amazing would that be? These are our recommendation for places to rent a Kimono and have a unique, authentic Japanese experience!

11 Hollywood Movie Locations in Japan

There are some Hollywood movies inspired or shot in Japan. Lost in Translation, Last Samurai, Kill Bill, Inception etc., here we listed 11 movies location you can go in Japan!
Places to visit in Tokyo

10+ Popular Manga and Anime Locations in Tokyo – Gundam, Sailor Moon, Your Name and More!

If you are a Manga or Anime lover, Tokyo has full of surprises for you. Here we introduce popular Manga/Anime locations you can actually visit in Tokyo!

10+ Best Virtual Tours in Japan – Online Experiences You Can Enjoy and Learn about Japan at Home

To all the travel lovers out there, do you miss traveling abroad? Are you dreaming of visiting Japan or do you want to learn Japanese culture? Here we introduce the best virtual tours in Japan you can experience at home!
Cultural Experiences

Complete Guide to Kabuki – Japanese Traditional Dance Theatre

Have you heard about kabuki, the traditional Japanese dance theatre? When you're in Japan going to see an kabuki play will give you a fun and deep Japanese cultural experience. Here we explain all you need ot know about kabuki!

Best Places to Visit in Kichijoji – Inokashira Park, Ghibli Museum, Shopping Streets and More!

Kichijoji is a popular residential area only 15 minutes away from Shinjuku and Shibuya by train. Check out Ghibli Museum, Inokashira Park, several shopping streets and arcades there!
Cultural Experiences

Explore Onsen Hot Springs in South Part of Japan: Kyushu

Because 75 percent of Japan is made up of mountains, many of which are volcanic, it enjoys hot springs across the whole...
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