Kimono Rental

Japan, with its long and well-preserved history, boasts many ways to get immersed in traditional experiences. A fun way to explore is by walking around wearing a kimono! Check the articles below for the best areas and best shops to go to!

▶Kimono Rental Shops in Japan


Tokyo is widely known and respected for its impressive metropolitan areas and cutting-edge technology, but there are plenty of places that exude a traditional atmosphere. Asakusa is by far the best place in Tokyo to experience iconic moments and see historical sights, like Sensoji and its huge red lantern at Kaminari-mon (thunder gate)! There’s no better way to stroll through this area than in a head-turning kimono!


Kyoto is without a doubt the best place in Japan for cultural icons and activities. Sure, there are many throughout Japan- but Kyoto has an incredible concentration and immense variety that you’ll find nowhere else. In just one day you’ll be able to interact with geisha, enjoy the finest green tea, see thousands and thousands of torii (the red gates), and much more. If you have one chance to wear a kimono, this is the place to do it!


A very close runner-up to Tokyo’s size and dynamic, is the lovable city of Osaka. Filled with vibrant personalities and Japan’s most delicious food, it’s a place you’ll regret not diving into. Nothing would make the adventure here than sporting a kimono, especially at the immaculate Osaka Castle!


Kanazawa is another area quite comparable to the iconic city of Kyoto, with its own variety of cultural experiences that have been preserved from the Edo period (1603-1868). Visitors flock to this mesmerizing area for its incredible gardens, teahouse district, as well as others. and yes, of course, you can (and should) stroll around in a kimono here!

About Kimono

Kimono are the most elegant thing a Japanese person can wear; when you see them being worn by locals, you know that there is a significant reason for doing so. As such, there are many different styles and meanings behind them, so why not study up and get ready to choose the perfect one for your adventure!

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