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Miho Shimizu is a Japanese freelance writer settled in Shizuoka with her husband and two rabbits. Fascinated with traveling at the age of 18, she has spent most of her long holidays exploring incredible spots around Japan. Also love to listen to music, draw, and read novels over a cup of green tea.

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Tokyo is a shopping heaven where anything and everything can be found. From giant shopping complexes to small local shops, it offers great shopping experiences for everyone. Tokyo is also home to a wide range of local markets packed with lively shops, restaurants, stalls, and vendors selling a large selection of items and food options. Visiting these markets allows you to spend a memorable time while splurging on world-class goods that can’t be found anywhere else. Here, we have prepared the ultimate list of the best markets in Tokyo that you should visit!       

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1. Tsukiji Market

Get the best deal on all the best seafood here at Tsukiji

Tsukiji is probably one of the most popular and famous markets in Tokyo. It is widely recognized as one of the biggest fish markets in the world with a history stretching back over 80 years. It is comprised of two different markets: the inner market and the outer market. The inner market was officially moved to a new site known as Toyosu in 2018, but the outer market still remains open and attracts numerous visitors from every corner of the world with over 460 shops and restaurants. 

As one may imagine, it is a perfect spot to enjoy fresh, high-quality seafood. Try sashimi, seafood bowls, and sushi which are all served at reasonable prices. Morning is the best time of the day to go and enjoy their best quality seafood while avoiding the crowds. If raw fish isn’t your thing, you can try other food options, including famous ramen shops as well as specialties such as Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled egg omelet) sold at friendly vendors! It’s not only a hub for foodies, but it is also a great spot to explore the variety of souvenirs and useful products such as kitchenware that are sought after even by professional chefs!        

Highlights at Tsukiji Fish Market

  • The Outer Market is packed with460 shops and restaurants
  • High-quality seafood, local specialties, and refreshing drinks
  • Exciting Tuna cutting demonstrations by professional chefs 

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We offer special walking tours in Tsukiji Fish Market! Let’s explore the Tsukiji outer market with our friendly English guide where you can try the best quality seafood as well as a variety of other food options. You will also be able to get to know Japan’s culinary culture, or even take a memorable sushi-making class with the help of a professional sushi chef!         

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Tokyo Fish Market Tour @Tsukiji – Enjoy Local Food and Drink

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2. Nakamise Dori

Nakamise Dori is a lively shopping street located in the Asakusa area of Tokyo. It is one of Japan’s oldest shopping streets which stretches approximately 250 meters back and leads up to the Senso-ji Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. It is home to about 90 shops and stalls that sell a variety of products ranging from traditional handcrafts to small key chains perfect for souvenirs. You can also find an endless array of food options such as Japanese traditional snacks and sweets which have been loved as locals’ favorites for many years. 

Note that opening hours may vary depending on the shop you visit. (Most of them open around 8 – 9am). Some shops may be irregularly closed without notification in advance. Most shops take credit cards, but it is highly recommended that you bring cash in the form of Japanese yen with you just in case. Take-out menus are also available at some shops!  

Highlights at Nakamise Dori

  • Feel the sacred atmosphere of the oldest Buddhist temple and shopping street in Tokyo
  • Try traditional Japanese snacks and get memorable souvenirs 
  • Other tourist attractions such as Hanayashiki and Tokyo Skytree can be found nearby

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Tokyo Food and Drink Tour @ Tsukiji and Asakusa

Asakusa Local Food and Bar Hopping Tour

3. Ameya Yokocho

ameya yokocho

Ameya Yokocho is a bustling shopping street located next to the JR Yamanote Line running between JR Ueno to Okachimachi Station. This shopping hub can be easily found within a short walk from the Shinobazu Exit of JR Ueno station. It originally started as a black market where daily necessities were secretly imported from the U.S. and were sold after World War II. Today it attracts numerous visitors from every corner of the world with a wide range of shopping experiences. 

Enjoy walking around the lively street packed with small shops selling fresh seafood, fruits, clothes, accessories, electronics, cosmetics, snacks, and much more. At many shops, you can enjoy great deals and bargains, or it is also worth it to try haggling for a discount with chatty vendors. It is also a great spot to try a diverse food culture, including ethnic dishes from other Asian countries such as India, China, Thailand, and Turkey!              

Highlights at Ameya Yokocho

  • Over 400 shops selling a wide variety of items and food options 
  • Perfect spot to enjoy great deals as well as interaction with local vendors
  • Ueno Zoo, Ueno Park, and Tokyo National Museum can be found nearby  

4. Boroichi Street Market

Traditional crafts at Boroichi Street Market

Boroichi Street Market is a traditional and famous outdoor market that can be found in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. It is held from December 15th – 16th, and January 15th – 16th every year. It has a long tradition and has been enjoyed by locals for over 400 years. 

You can enjoy browsing a huge range of antiques, collectibles, pre-loved clothes, second-hand books, and much more sold at 700 stalls lining up along narrow streets. Daikan-mochi is a rice cake that is a specialty that can be enjoyed only here. (The store is always packed with a long line, but it is definitely worth the wait!) Make sure to bring a thin coat as it might take a couple of hours to explore the huge open-air market on a winter day!    

Highlights at Boroichi Street Market

  • Traditional flea market that takes place December 15th -16th and January 15th – 16th
  • Perfect spot for hunting valuable antiques, and collectibles as well as great deals and bargains
  • Try Daikan-mochi (traditional rice cake) or other great food options & drinks 

5. Oedo Antique Market

Oedo Antique Market is probably one of the most famous antique markets in all of Tokyo. It takes place outside of Tokyo International Forum, which is easily accessible in a short walk from JR Yurakucho station (It is also conveniently connected to Tokyo station by an underground pathway). 

This open-air market is generally held every first and third Sunday of the month with about 250 stalls selling a wide range of goods and items that draws quite the crowd. Enjoy hunting for a variety of antique collectibles and vintage items, including traditional Japanese clothes, ceramics, paintings, bags, jewelry, and tableware. If you don’t have anything to buy in your mind, just enjoy browsing around the vibrant outdoor market and taking in the atmosphere!         

Highlights at Oedo Antique Market

  • One of the largest outdoor antique markets in Japan
  • Great location close to JR Yurakucho and Tokyo station
  • Enjoy shopping around at around 250 stalls selling a variety of antique wares 

6. Toyosu Market


Toyosu Market is a must-visit destination for those interested in Japanese culinary culture. Opened in 2018, it replaced the inner market in Tsukiji, famous for its tuna auction. To witness this exciting event, make sure to book the auction tour ticket beforehand and arrive early as the auction starts at 5 am. You can view the auction from the special deck and then explore the wholesale market, which offers a range of fresh seafood and other ingredients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dine at some of the famous sushi restaurants like Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi, which are located nearby.

Highlights at Toyosu Market

  • Lively tuna auction in the early morning
  • See unique ingredients from all over Japan at the wholesale market
  • Famous sushi restaurants to taste the freshest sushi crafted by skilled chefs

Join our Toyosu Market tour!

On this tour, you will visit Toyosu wholesale market with a knowledgeable guide and see a variety of ingredients in season to learn Japanese culinary culture. After browsing all the fresh seafood, it’s time to learn how to make sushi! A professional sushi chef will teach you how to make good sushi at the workshop.

Toyosu Wholesale Market Explore and Sushi Making Workshop

7. Farmer’s Market

Guilhem Vellut, CC BY 2.0, via flickr

If you’re looking for fresh, locally sourced produce, the farmer’s market in front of the United Nations University in the Aoyama district is the perfect place to visit. It’s an open-air market where you can find a variety of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and flowers. There are also food trucks that offer unique cuisine, depending on the day. The market hosts occasional fun events, so be sure to check its website before you go.

Highlights at Farmer’s Market

  • Organic and fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Food trucks for light meals and coffee
  • Trendy neighborhood

8. Tokyo City Flea Market

The Tokyo City Flea Market is one of the largest flea markets in Japan and is held randomly on weekends at Oi Racecourse, also known as Tokyo City Keiba boasts 300 stores. Here you can find all sorts of treasures, from vintage clothes and furniture to home appliances and even old cars! It’s a great place to hunt for unique and interesting items. Whether you’re a collector, a bargain hunter, or simply seeking one-of-a-kind finds, this market is the perfect destination to indulge in your passion.

Highlights at Tokyo City Flea Market

  • It boasts about 300 shops
  • The treasure trove of unique and interesting items
  • A perfect place for thrift shopping and vintage lover

9. Tennoz Harbor Market

Tennoz Harbor Market is another fun weekend market that takes place twice a month in the fashionable area of Tennoz Isle, near Shinagawa. The market’s theme is to inspire visitors with great lifestyle ideas, so you can find a range of items, including vintage clothes, antiques, used books, flowers, and plants.

Highlights at Tennoz Harbor Market

  • The fashionable area near Shinagawa with a waterfront view
  • Find d a range of items such as vintage clothes, antiques, used books, flowers, and plants
  • Inspiration for great lifestyle ideas

10. Sunamachi Ginza

Sunamachi Ginza

For a taste of old Tokyo, head to Sunamachi Ginza, a small shopping street that’s been passed down through generations of friendly family-run shops. You can stroll along the street, savoring local delicacies, and shopping for souvenirs. Try Oden, a Japanese stew that is the best for cold winter, and delicious yakitori, grilled skewered chicken that is the local’s favorite dish. If you’re interested in discovering the hidden gems and delicacies of this area, we highly recommend visiting Sunamachi Ginza!

Highlights at Sunamachi Ginza

  • Enjoy strolling around the friendly and traditional neighborhood
  • It boasts about 180 shops and restaurants
  • Try some delicious finger food and Japanese sweets

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