How to Apply for the Tuna Auction Tour in Toyosu Fish Market 2022

Frozen Tuna Toyosu market Tickets

Watching tuna auctions is one of the most exciting experiences in Tokyo.
Visitors used to be able to watch the exciting morning auction at Tsukiji Fish Market but now you can watch the auction at Toyosu Fish Market since the inner market moved to Toyosu in October 2018.
At Toyosu Fish Market, you can watch the tuna auction from the observatory on the upper floor where glass walls separate the observatory and tuna auction floor below. To be honest, it’s less bustling compared with Tsukiji Fish Market because the glass walls cut the sound and smell of the tuna auction, but on the bright side, you can enjoy the auction more comfortably without any worries to bother the auction or care for fishy smells. 

From 15th January 2019, Tokyo Metropolitan government starts a market tour to visit a special observation deck for viewing tuna auctions at Toyosu.
It’s free of charge and only 120 visitors per day are accepted. If you are interested, you can apply for the lottery beforehand! 

How to apply

The tuna auction will be reopened to the public again in November 2021. 

You can apply for the auction tour one month beforehand from the website. It’s a lottery that randomly chooses the visitors, so make sure to apply to win the ticket!  

The English website is now closed and only the Japanese website is available at the moment, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow the instructions below to apply for the lottery! 


Access to the application page from the link below;
See the month (e.g. 2021年12月 means December 2021) you are applying for.
受付期間 shows the dates that you can apply for the lottery. 結果発表 is when you get a result. Click the blue button ‘申し込み手続きへ’ to start the process.


You can check the lottery result by clicking ‘申込状況照会’ and login with the application number and passwords. When the result is out, you will receive the email which leads you to the result page. 


Check the auction’s date. 集合時間 is a meeting time (5:45am), 会場 is a auction place and 座種 is a type of seats (standing at the observation deck). Click the blue button at the bottom of the page  ‘次へ’ 


Then it goes to the page saying some notices before you apply. You can use your google translate to translate the whole page but here’s the overview. 

  • You can only apply once 
  • You can apply with three desirable dates 
  • You can apply for maximum three people per day 
  • It’s not on a first come, first served basis but chosen randomly 
  • You can’t cancel or reschedule the date
  • You can’t resell or give the ticket to another person  
  • Please check the result on ‘申込状況照会’ after you receive the email 

Tick a box at the button page and click the blue button that appeared below.


Fill out the application form, 

  1. Name (first write in full-width character in English and next section you will have to write in Katakana, one of the Japanese letters) If you don’t know katakana, you can generate your name in katakana from this site
  2. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD)
  3. Phone number 
  4. Email address (twice)
  5. Postal code 
  6. Address 
  7. Make password for a login to see the result 

After you filled out your personal information, click the blue button ‘希望公演選択へ’


Choose the date you want to participate in the tuna auction tour and click the blue button ‘座種選択へ’


Tick the button ‘見学者デッキ’ (observation deck) and click the blue button ‘枚数選択へ’ 


Select the number of tickets and if you want to bring someone, fill out their names (up to 2 other people)

Click the blue button ‘希望内容確認へ’ 


If you want to add the second desirable dates for the tour, click ‘希望追加へ’ to add the dates. If you are ready to go, click the blue button on the bottom of the page ‘申込内容確認へ’ to go to the next section. 


Make sure the date and the number of tickets are correct, then enter the number which showed on the screen and tick the box to apply.

When you tick the box, the apply button will appear. 

Note before you go  

  • Please keep your mask on 
  • They will check your body temperature before you enter the auction place, and if it’s 37.5℃ and above, you can’t join the auction viewing 
  • Show your result notification email at the reception and your ID (if you bring someone, registering them beforehand and showing their ID is required)
  • 3 places are designated as the entrance and exit
  • Keep your distance, wash your hands and sanitise before participating the auction tour 
  • No drinking and eating is allowed 
  • No smoking

How to get to Toyosu Fish Market 

Get off at the Shijo-mae Station by Yurikamome.
If you take a city bus, get off at Shijo-mae Ekimae Bus stop. If you get off at Toyosu Shijo Bus Stop, you can’t enter the auction place. 

Food and Drink Tour at Toyosu & Tsukiji 

 Toyosu & Tsukiji Tokyo Fish Market Food and Drink Tour

We offer the food and drink tour to explore the two famous fish markets in Tokyo; Toyosu and Tsukiji. In the morning we will meet up at Toyosu Market and walk around the inner market (for wholesalers). Move to Tsukiji Fish Market to try out some local’s favorite street food at the vibrant streets!
If you want to see the new and former fish market and learn the background stories behind the two markets, join our food and drink tour! 

Toyosu and Tsukiji Food Tour

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Happy travelling!

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